Contents and Link to the Bulletin

Contents and Link to the Bulletin

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Note: The Table of Contents should be viewable by everyone. CCSG members can use the link below to view/download the Bulletin.

CCSG-Bulletin 210 April 2021-1.pdf

Page Title Author Index
41 Library and Society Notes Graham Mark None
43 Letters to the Editor The Editor None
43 Malaya WWII, new wax seal Dann Mayo 3D1-7
44 WWII - Antigua, a query Barry Friedman 3C10-10
45 WWII - New Caledonia, a query Robert Wightman 3B5-1
47 Uncatalogued WWI era India censor handstamp Robert Gray 1D4-1
49 Netherlands East Indies to Germany to Canada Dann Mayo 3C10-18-4
51 Change to Type H2D “Crown over PASSED" handstamps Peter Burrows 3A8-1
52 Closure of UK censorship units Peter Burrows 3A8-1
53 Permit Branch stationery Peter Burrows 3A8-1
57 GB - WWII - PC93 Graham Mark 3A8-1 & 3A9-1
57 Locations of port censorship detachments Peter Burrows 3A8-1
58 Gilbert & Ellice Islands WWII – Provisional censor tape Dann Mayo 3E1-9
59 New Canadian Travel Permit Peter Burrows 3C10-18
60 An internee’s cover of 1918 from Douglas, Isle of Man Graham Mark 1A7-3-3
62 A fourfold controlled cover Laurent Bonnefoy 3A3-7 & 3A24-1
63 The British Army Post Office in Salonika and Greek civil mails 1916-1919 Graham Mark 1A6
65 Censorship of civil mails to English Destinations in WWI by the Armée d’Orient at Salonika Peter Gassmann 1A5-3
70 Picture postcards and the German censorship Regulations - Part 2 Hans van der Horst 3A3
80 BOFIC – Eritrea – WWII, New Device (?) Dann Mayo 3B4-1
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