Contents and link to Bulletin

Contents and link to Bulletin

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Note: The Table of Contents should be viewable by everyone. CCSG members can use the link below to view/download the Bulletin.

CCSG-Bulletin 211 July 2021.pdf

Page Title Author Index
81 Library and Society Notes Graham Mark None
82 Germany WWII: a most unusual censor device Dann Mayo 3A3-5
84 Damaged covers repaired by the Frankfurt ABP Jean Specht 3A3-5
87 An unusual sealing label used at Mulhouse CCP in November 1919 Robin Pizer 1A5-1
88 Miss Philippa Egmont Hake - WWI Censor Peter Burrows 1A7-1
90 San Juan HELD handstamps Frank Walton 3C13-3
91 New Zealand WWII: unlisted handstamp Dann Mayo 3E1-4-1
92 Picture postcards and the German censorship regulations - Part 3 Hans van der Horst 3A3
99 Censorship of transit postcards Larry Nelson 3A3
100 Egypt WWI - Civilian mail passing through the Army Post Office Graham Mark 1B1-1
102 Addendum for the United Kingdom Volume 2, 2nd Impression 2020 Peter Burrows 3A8-1
103 Neu Kamerun letter to Ntoku in CCSG Bulletin 196 (2017) Robin Pizer 1A5-9
104 Egypt, a scarce WWI censor and some weird history Dann Mayo 1B1-1
106 Royal visit to censor office 1917 Peter Burrows 1A7
108 WWII - New censorship regulation form from Tanganyika Larry Nelson 3B3-6
109 Unusual items of British censorship on mail during the Second World War Gavin Fryer Mark 3A8-1
110 Letter banned from the mails by the U.S. Espionage Act of 1917 Ken Lawrence None
112 Follow-up Dann Mayo None
113 Editor's note on the definition of civil censorship The Editor None
114 New British PC forms Peter Burrows 3A8-1
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