Contents and Link to Bulletin

Contents and Link to Bulletin

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Note: The Table of Contents should be viewable by everyone. CCSG members can use the link below to view/download the Bulletin

CCSG Bull 222 April 2024.pdf

Page Title Author Index
41 Library & Membership Notes Graham Mark None
41 Letters to the Editor None
42 WW1 - Egypt -Eastern Postal Censorship a correction – Graham Mark 1B1-1
42 Jamaica censorship (or not) Paul Farrimond & John Wilson 3C10-9
43 GB - WW1 – “Letter transferred to Post Office by Aliens Officer” Graham Mark 1A-7
44 First World War Cuban censorship Peter Burrows 1C9
46 First World War Calcutta postal censorship office Robert Gray 1D4
54 Rangoon Postal Censorship during the First World War -Erratum William Bennett & Robert Gray 1D11
55 A Bermuda query John Wilson 3C10-3
56 List of large numeral handstamp type A13 Peter Burrows 3A8
59 Oval datestamps of the Imperial Censorship service in Jamaica (1941-45) Paul Farrimond 3C19-10
61 Catalogue of WW1 censorship in Finland Jon Iversen 1A4
62 eBay nuggets – 1939 Basutoland censor handstamp type HI Dann Mayo 3B5-5
63 Espionage letters of the Second World War, routes they traveled, and attempts to thwart them Ken Lawrence 3A3, 3A10 & 3C10-9-1
74 Letters sent by persecuted Jews also needed to evade British censorship Ken Lawrence 3A3-5
76 Internal censorship in Colombia after the 1944 coup Bill Gibbons 3C19
78 eBay nuggets - New censor devices for British occupied Somaliland 1942 Dann Mayo 3B4-4
79 Earliest Frankfurt censor, 10.39? Philip Townshend 3A3-5
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