Robert Johnson's Service Suspended 1914-1922

Robert Johnson's Service Suspended 1914-1922

Postby dannmayo » Tue Dec 16, 2014 6:08 pm

This set of pages concerns the suspension of mail service in WWI so far as Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany and the United Kingdom are concerned. They are not comprehensive and hardly scratch the surface of what exits.

However they are shown as if you were attending a Society meeting in person and were looking at them having had this very brief explanation.

You are welcome to ask questions and to give comments but, perhaps more importantly, you are encouraged to do the same -- that is to copy pages from what you have at home to Dann Mayo as webmaster as if you were giving a display at your local society.

No written paper is needed unless you actually want to do one. So get your scanners going and send files by e-mail, CD or memory stick to Dann. Please use .jpg format at 300 dpi resolution so that those who view can magnify without loss of detail.

1914 Bavaria to Belgium
1914 Cyprus to Belgium 1
1914 Cyprus to Belgium 2
1914 France to Germany
1914 Germany to Belgian Congo
1914 Germany to the UK 1
1914 Germany to the UK 2
1914 Germany to the UK 3
1914 HMS Devonshire to BEF
1914 Hungary to Belgium
1914 Netherlands to Austrian Galicia
1914 Netherlands to Belgium 1
1914 Netherlands to Belgium 2
1914 Netherlands to Belgium 3
1914 Netherlands to German East Africa
1914 Netherlands to Serbia
1914 Netherlands to UK
1914 Roumania to France
1914 Switzerland to France
1914 UK to Austria registered
1914 USA to France then Germany then Belgium
1915 Belgian Government at Le Havre to UK
1915 Belgium to Bulgaria
1915 German FPO to the Netherlands
1915 German occp Belgium to Switzerland
1915 Germany to Belgium 1
1915 Germany to Belgium 2
1915 Germany to GSWA
1915 Germany to Japan
1915 Germany to Roumania
1915 GSWA to Alsace
1915 Luxemburg to France
1915 Netherlands to Belgium 1
1915 Netherlands to Belgium 2
1915 Netherlands to Belgium 3
1915 Netherlands to Belgium 4
1915 Netherlands to Belgium 5
1915 Netherlands to Latvia
1915 Occupied Belgium to the UK via Netherlands
1915 Switzerland to Belgium
1915 UK Censorship label to Netherlands
1915 UK to France censor insert
1915 Unoccp Belgium to Netherlands
1916 Australia to the Netherlands
1916 Belgian Congo to Luxemburg
1916 Denmark to Belgium
1916 French Guiana to Belgium
1916 Germany to Netherlands
1916 Inside German-occupied Belgium
1916 Netherlands Interception of shipping
1916 Occupied Belgium to UK via Netherlands
1916 Sweden to German soldier on Western Front
1916 UK to Netherlands 1
1916 UK to Netherlands 2
1916 USA to Germany via UK
1917 Belgian soldiers to Belgium via Le Havre
1917 Belgium to Germany
1918 Germany to Belgium
1918 Germany to Lorraine pull-back
1918 Netherlands to Russia
1918 Thomas Cook Belgium 1
1918 Thomas Cook Belgium 2
1919 Netherands to Trieste
1919 UK to Hungary
1919 WWI Austria to Belgium
1919 WWI Austria to Belgium (back)
1920 Netherlands to Russia Odessa
1922 Belgium to Smyrna
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Re: Robert Johnson's Service Suspended 1914-1922

Postby XiaoH » Thu Aug 13, 2020 10:38 am

Why was this cover returned to sender? What is the meaning of the returned mark in German?
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Re: Robert Johnson's Service Suspended 1914-1922

Postby dmui » Thu Aug 13, 2020 5:00 pm

Good day

The German marking was related to the return of Submarine mail that had accumulated due to the cancellation of the intended third trip to the US by the submarine "Deutschland" which was a commercial submarine constructed in response to the British blockade of Germany at the onset of WWI.

The marking translates to " Return/ because of termination of submarine letter transmission, return to sender". The marking on this cover is cachet 2A. The rubber stamped marking above the first line of the Address above and to the right of "Hartig" is a censor marking called "single set of rays". It is one of 14 censor marks on that was applied at Bremen on this type of mail.

The circular dated marking was a submarine cachet applied at Bremen dates ranging from January 1, 1917 to February 10, 1917 as of publication date of the below noted handbook. T.B. signified Tauchboot (Submarine) and the D.O.R. was the abbreviations for the company that operated the commercial submarines (Deutsche Ozean Rhederei)

The "via San Francisco" marking was also applied to mail at Bremen.

This is very nice example of this mail. Thanks for sharing.

Reference used is a 1991 Philatelic Handbook "German Submarine Mail of World War I" by the late Bernard A. Hennig. It was published by the Germany Philatelic Society in 1991 and might still be obtainable.
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Re: Robert Johnson's Service Suspended 1914-1922

Postby XiaoH » Fri Aug 14, 2020 3:48 am

Thank you very much
Kind regards

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