Index, Post-WWII

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Index, Post-WWII

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Until I sort out the funky posting protocol to get things into the right order, I am repeating the introductory material here.

Civil Censorship Study Group

Complete Bulletin Index 1973 - 2015

Volume 1 [November 1973] to Volume 42, No. 1 [January 2015]

Compiled by K. Morenweiser, October 2000 and Revised Four Times per Year

The Cumulative Index to the C.C.S.G. Bulletin is based on the German
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Zensurpost (AGZ) code system, where the period is defined
by the first number; the area by the following letter; and the country by the following number(s):
E.g. an article indexed „3C12-1“ contains information on World War II censorship [3]
in the Americas [C] and deals with Dutch Colonies [12] specifically Curacao (1).

(AGZ Time Period Codes: 0 = Pre-WWI; 1 = WWI; 2 = Interwar; 3 = WWI; 4 = Post-WWII)

NOTE: I have not been able to import this Index in its original tabular format. The cells have broken down and the data have migrated leftward. For the moment I am putting in what I can, consisting of the raw data. These are presented as follows, reading left to right:

AGZ Code Area Title Author Bulletin Vol. /No. /P.

4 Post WW II
4A Europe
4A1 Belgium The Numeral Censor Handstamps G.Mark 35/4/146
4A2 Bulgaria 1969 Stamp Exchange control J.Wang & others J.Wang 40/1/27
4A3 Denmark Danish Censorship E.M.Larsen 33/1/48
4A3-2 Denmark, Camps Oksbøl Camp Jørgen Dahl & Ch.LaBlonde 33/3/144
4A4 Occupied Germany
4A4 Occupied Germany Returned Mail S.G.Esrati 6/6/92
4A4 Occupied Germany Handstamp of Magdeburg A.Klabes 9/1/12
4A4 Occupied Germany Internee "JUG" Card A.Klabes 9/1/13
4A4 Occupied Germany Currency Control 1952-54 L.Nelson 19/3/143
4A4-1 U.S. Zone Listing of Handstamps D.E.Slawson 5/1/5
4A4-1 U.S. Zone Additions to Riemer R.Forth 14/3/53
4A4-1 U.S. Zone German Censorship Marking R.Hoffman 18/2/12
4A4-1 U.S. Zone American Censored Überroller A.R.Torrance 19/1/7
4A4-1 U.S. Zone Q: & A: American Joint Distribution Committee J.Mackay & R.Wike 23/4/105 & 24/1/18
4A4-1 U.S. Zone A: American Joint Distribution Committee M.White & A.Hecker 24/2/62
4A4-1 U.S. Zone A: American Joint Distribution Committee M.Lynes & R.Wike 24/3/90
4A4-1 U.S. Zone Military Censorship of Civil Mails A.Claudio 24/4/109
4A4-1 U.S. Zone Posters "Warning to all Travellers" D.Mario 33/3/142
4A4-1 U.S. Zone US Censorship in Germany P.Burrows 35/1/18
4A4-2 British Zone U.K. Tape1946 K.Morenweiser 6/5/71
4A4-2 British Zone Handstamps and Tapes A.R.Torrance 2/3/27
4A4-2 British Zone Handstamps and Tapes K.Maers 3/1/5
4A4-2 British Zone Q: Handstamp "Held pending Authorisation..." K.Riemer 5/4/45
4A4-2 British Zone U.K. Censorship W.C.Thorne 18/3/44
4A4-2 British Zone British Überroller Censorship K.Morenweiser 19/1/2 & 27/4/154
4A4-2 British Zone Military Censorship of Civil Mails A.Claudio 24/4/109
4A4-2 British Zone Censorship Memorandum K.Winkelmann 29/4/139
4A4-2 British Zone Handstamps and Censorship Memoranda K.Morenweiser 30/1/38
4A4-2 British Zone New resealing label K.Morenweiser 32/3/152
4A4-2 British Zone h/s CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS / ILLUSTRATED CARDS …… M.Evans 33/3/141
4A4-2 British Zone Handstamp "Held pending Authorisation..." R.Johnson 33/3/140
4A4-2 British Zone Handstamp "Held pending Authorisation..." R.Johnson 34/3/100
4A4-2 British Zone Traveller's Censorship H.Burgman 34/3/101
4A4-2 British Zone British Censorship in Germany M.Evans 35/1/19
4A4-2 British Zone Detained Mail to Germany, released in 1946. R.Johnson & T.Brooks 37/1/21 & 37/2/57
4A4-2 British Zone Transit mail held at Bermuda and released to Germany M.Piggin 40/4/117
4A4-2-2 British Zone Berlin A new davisory label T.Brooks 29/3/112
4A4-3-4 French Zone Berlin German cover from Berlin to Sweden with French censor 1946 E.Fraser 37/3/122
4A4-3-4 French Zone Berlin Censorship in the French Sector of Berlin. More of the story T.Brooks 37/4/164
4A7 France The Boxed CENSURE handstamp Metz 1947 A.Brown 13/3/39
4A7 France Saar - Caveat Emptor T.Brooks 29/2/61
4A8 Greece Exchange Control 1946 A.R.Torrance 2/2/22
4A9-1 Italy, Allied Censorship The Censorship of Internal Civil Mail L.Sirotti 39/1/22
4A10 Serbia Small Event Censorship 1988 - 1989 D.Mayo 38/3/128
4A12 Netherlands Handstamps and Tapes W.v.Doorn 3/1/7
4A12 Netherlands Censorship Post WW II R.Wike 24/1/12
4A12-1 Netherlands Foreign Exchange Regulations Ch.Sacconaghi 30/1/37
4A12-1 Netherlands Allied Censorship in the Netherlands M.Sprenger 30/3/117
4A12-1 Netherlands Netherlands Exchange Control M.Sprenger 30/3/119
4A12-2 Netherlands West India Suspension of Mail Services R.Johnson 37/1/8
4A13 Norway Post WW II Examination Marks A.Warren 13/2/21
4A14 Austria, Occupied Censor Marks R.A.Krueger 13/6/79 & 14/1/1 & 14/1/24
4A14 Austria, Occupied British Censorship M.Evans 33/1/49
4A15-2 Poland 1980`s Handstamps J.Michaud 10/6/69
4A15-2 Poland 1980`s Handstamps 1981-82 A.Klabes & L.Nelson 9/4/5/92
4A15-2 Poland 1980`s New Information on Polish Martial Law Censorship J.Michaud 11/2/15
4A15-2 Poland 1980`s Handstamps on Mail & Telegrams J.Michaud 11/4/64
4A15-2 Poland 1981/82 Censorship in Gdansk G.duBoulay 40/1/30
4A16 Rumania Romania`s Censorship of Post Card Pictures M.Telegut 11/2/35
4A17 Soviet Union Soviet Military and Civilian Secret Censorship V.Grigorev 16/1/24
4A17 Yugoslavia Censorship 1991 - 93 M.Parren 38/4/189
4A19 Hungary A Returned Cover R.Johnson 13/3/33
4A21-2 Cyprus Suez Campaign, Cyprus 1956 H.Karlen 14/4/57
4A21-2 Cyprus Censorship during the Suez Campaign Ch.Cruttwell & K.Morenweiser 28/2/52 & 28/3/62
4A21-2 Cyprus Censorship during the EOKA Cempaign G.Mark 28/2/53
4A21-2 Cyprus Caprus - Operation Musketeer M.Parren 36/3/106
4A21-3 Rhodes British Administration 1947, Controller of Civil Posts M.Sanders 36/1/31
4A22 Northern Ireland 1977 Internees in Northern Ireland Ch.Entwistle 27/3/84
4A23 United Kingdom Currency Control L.Blackburn 10/2/24
4A23 United Kingdom Northern Eireland/Eire-Censored Mail of Republican Prisoners H.Frank 12/1/1
4A23 United Kingdom Philatelic Exchange Control R.Wike 17/1/8
4A23 United Kingdom Use of a PC3 in November 1946 K.Morenweiser 6/5/71
4A23 United Kingdom Control of Philatelic Mail K.Morenweiser 22/3/81
4A23 United Kingdom Q: & A: Late WW II Censorship K.Morenweiser & R.Horton 23/1/24 & 23/2/41
4A23 United Kingdom Prison Censorship G.Mark 28/3/78
4A23 United Kingdom Postcard Censorship St.Jessop 28/3/94
4A23 United Kingdom British Prison Censorship R.Moreton 28/4/130
4A23 United Kingdom British Exchange Control D.Mario 30/3/116
4A23 United Kingdom Disguised Mail? G.Mark 31/3/129
4A23 United Kingdom Recent Prison Censorship ? D.Rosser 33/3/147
4A24 United Kingdom Detained Mail to Germany, released in 1946. R.Johnson & T.Brooks 37/1/21 & 37/2/57
4A24 Malta 1947 - Foreign Exchange Control Ch.Miller 34/3/134

4B Africa
4B1 Egypt Q: & A: Egyptian Censorship 1961? J.Daynes & R.Wike 24/2/68 & 24/3/93
4B2 South Africa Military Censorship 1987 P.Squibb 15/5/78
4B3 Uganda Handstamps and Tapes, Amin Regime A.R.Torrance & Huckett 9/1/15 & 9/6/112
4B4 Katanga CENSURE Handstamp of 1961 J.Babicki 12/4/40
4B5 Mali Censorship in Mali 1960? D.Mayo 34/2/92
4B5 Mali Postal Censorship in Mali at the time of independence M.Parren 38/3/127
4B6 Namibia Covert Censorship W.Robertson 11/5/80
4B7 Senegal 1975 - Boxed h/s OUVERT PAR LA COMMISSION DE CENSURE M.Wright 29/1/4
4B8 Biafra 1967 - 70, PASSED BY CENSOR handstamp M.Wright 29/1/4
4B9 Ivory Coast Q: 1956 - h/s Abidjan Controle Militaire T.Brooks 29/2/62
4B10 Chad The 1971 coup d' état attempt M.Parren 37/1/7

4C America
4C2-1 Falkland Isl. 1982 Argentine Censorship M.Zanone 26/2/29
4C3 Uruguay Prison Censorship A.Kennedy 18/1/13
4C4 Costa Rica (Venezuela), 1955 W.Barker 14/2/23
4C4 Costa Rica Costa Rica 1848 & 1955 D.Mayo 39/3/125
4C5 USA Recent Examination of Mail Ch. LaBlonde & G.Mark 33/3/146

4D Asia
4D2 India Censored Mail from Simla 1958-61 M.Sheldon 12/6/70
4D2 India Censorship in India : Is it Real? A.K.Brooks 19/3/129
4D2 India Censorship during the Kashmir Conflicts K.Morenweiser 42/1/30
4D4 Iraq Iraq 1960s and 1990s G.Mark 29/2/72
4D4 Iraq A new label and handstamp G.Mark 29/3/113
4D4 Iraq Iraq 1958 - 2003 G.Mark .31/1/29
4D4 Iraq Kuwait to USA with Iraqui Censorship T.Brooks 32/1/19
4D4 Iraq Iraq 1958-59 M.White 35/1/20
4D4 Iraq Iraq 1958 M.Alhajeri 36/4/161
4D4 Iraq Postal censorship in Kuwait during the Iraqi threat of 1961 M.Alhajeri 37/2/72
4D6 Israel Tape Currency Control 1951 Lerner 7/2/23 & 8/2/28
4D6 Israel Q: & A: Israel or Cyprus Censorship E.Harris & R.Rubin 21/4/130 & 22/1/25
4D6 Israel Forced Registration of Mail Lerner 13/1/1
4D7 Japan, U.S. Occ. Civil Censorship Det. 292, Fukuoka I.Baron 16/4/96
4D7 Japan, U.S. Occupation Civil Censorship 1945-52 H.C.Church & I.Baron 17/4/48
4D7 Japan, U.S. Occupation Switzerland to Japan - Condemned K.Morenweiser 32/3/119
4D8 Cambodia Use of censor markings 1970 - 1975 T.Wiart 38/3/129
4D8 Cambodia More censor markings from 1970 to 1975 T.Wiart 38/4/186
4D9 Korea Censorship in Korea F.deKeukeleer 17/3/32
4D9 Korea U.S. Censorship in Korea D.Mayo 17/4/42
4D9 Korea Korean War - UN PoW Camp on Koje-do W.Put 26/3/92
4D9 Korea Korean War - Service Suspended R.Johnson .38/2/95
4D9 Korea Small event censorship: Korea, 1949 D.Mayo 41/3/137
4D10 Malacca Malacca censsored cover - Follow up J.Moses 41/2/83
4D13 Syria Q & A: Syria K.Morenweiser & H.Roos-Etter 28/2/54 & 28/3/62
4D13 Syria 1948 & 1956/57 Syrian Censorship M.Parren 36/3/99
4D13 Syria Censorship 1948 & 1956/57 - update M.Parren .38/1/32
4D15 Maldive Isl. Censored Covers 1960 Ty Foon 14/3/47
4D16 Kuwait Censorship during Arab-Israeli War K.Abdul-Mughni 32/2/60
4D16 Kuwait Censorship at independence K.Abdul-Mughni 32/2/62
4D16 Kuwait Postal censorship in Kuwait during the Iraqi thret of 1961 K.Abdul-Mughni 37/2/72
4D17 Portuguese Goa Handstamp CENSURADO Nov 1957 K.Winkelmann 22/2/49
4D18 Jordania Censorship during the Arab-Israeli War M.Sprenger 33/1/50
4D19 Malaya The Malaya Emergency Ch.Miller 34/4/172
4D20 Indonesia 1955/56 Currency Exchange control T.MacGillicuddy & others J.Wang 40/1/25
4D20 Indonesia 1947-52 Currency exchange control B.v.Marrewijk, han Dijkstra & M.Parren 41/1/19
4D20 Indonesia 1959 - 1962 Small event censorship D.Mayo 39/3/127
4D20 Indonesia 1966 Small event censorship D.Mayo 38/4/183
4D21 Malagasy Republic 1975 Small event censorship D.Mayo 38/4/185
4D22 Madagascar 1947 Small event censorship D.Mayo 38/4/184
4D? Iran Islamic Revolution H.Roos-Etter 27/3/100 & 28/1/2
4E1-1 Australia "Delayed for compliance Aviation Security Regulations" B.Robertson 31/3/129
? Tunis and London Recent Security checks on Mail (1999 - 2002) D.Mario 31/2/77
? Switzerland to Peru Handstamp 26 in a circle T.Brooks 32/1/41
? Hong Kong ca. 1948 - "Delayed by Enemy Action" ? M.Evans 34/3/132
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