CCSG Auction 193 Lot Listing

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CCSG Auction 193 Lot Listing

Postby dannmayo » Wed Dec 21, 2016 1:03 am

Where there is a scan, it will be linked through the lot number, which will appear in blue and will be underlined. If there are additional scans (e.g., of the back), they will be linked at the end of the description. Click on the link to view the scan, then use your browser's back button to return to the list. Members will need a username and password to view the scans. DM

CCSG Auction No. 193
Closing Date for bids Friday 14 April 2017

NOTE This auction priced in POUNDS STERLING, with overseas winners invoiced in Dollars or Euros

"Scans of some lots have been added to the society website, so please check there first. If the lot number appears in blue, it is a clickable link to the scan of the item. If you do not have a login name & password please contact Dann Mayo. If a scan is not shown there you can contact me for a scan."

For the auction rules see CCSG Bulletin 157, except clause 10 have been revised to read “Bids must be made in POUNDS STERLING. The winning bid will be at the reserve or one increment above the second highest bid.”
Bids mail to CCSG Auction Manager, Peter Burrows, 116 Lynton Road, Harrow Middx HA2 9NN
United Kingdom, or by E-mail at
Bids by e-mail will only be accepted if your full name & postal address are given
I usually acknowledge e-mail bids within 24 hours, so if you do not receive confirmation, please try again
Lots are normally held in Great Britain and therefore incur no VAT, except those marked *

There is NO Buyers Premium, only postage & packing will be added to invoice.

Payment of Winning Lots:
U.K. & other Overseas Members to send cheque payable to Civil Censorship Study Group in Pounds Sterling £ to U.K. Treasurer Graham Mark [The banks are objecting to use of initials only],
or if by PAYPAL, please use "I'm sending money to family or friends" so that any fees are paid by you & send payment in GBP - British Pounds to
North American Members to send cheque drawn on American Bank payable to Dann Mayo - CCSG in US$,
or if paying by PayPal send to and add 3% to above amount
EU Members can send EURO cheque drawn on German Bank payable to Konrad Morenweiser

Material for future auctions always welcome
Abbreviations: AM = air mail, b/s = backstamped, bcm = blue crayon mark of US Censorship at bottom left, c. = cover, cld = cancelled, co3s = cover opened out 3 sides, (CoA) = Coat of Arms, CS = Censor Station, fkd = franked, h/s = handstamp, m/s = manuscript, nc = not censored, o/w = otherwise, pbt = plain brown tape, pc = postcard, pm = postmark, ppc = picture postcard, ps = postal stationery, RX = International Red Cross, s = surface mail, sf = serif letters, s/l = single line, st = resealing label slit open, t = censor re-sealing tape/label, w/ = with, w/o = without, [ .. ] = CCSG type numbers.
The number after the description [xxx] is the vendor’s reference.
Quality: XF = extra fine, VF = very fine, F = fine, VG = very good, G = good, P = poor.

Lot # Description Reserve in GB£

1 AUSTRIA 1917 Glassine GZNB censor tape on back of cover to Red Cross POW Agency in Denmark. Tear on face of cover at top right Back £10.00
2 CEYLON - SWITZERLAND 1917 (Aug 24) Black & white picture postcard showing 6 females with tea baskets to Winterthur bearing 6c Perfin VB tied Colombo cds & with violet circular Passed / Colombo / Censor handstamp [1713] £25.00
3 COLOMBIA 1902 1000-day war censorship. Good strike of Departmento de Bolivar administrative handstamp on back of cover from Cartagena to US Front £60.00
4 DENMARK - USA [CENSORED GB] 1917 (Dec 7) Privatbanken I Kobenhavn env to Philadelphia attractively fnkd strip 5 x 4o tied Copenhagen d/s & w/black on white Opened By / Censor / 4704 label [604]Back £16.00
5 EGYPT - GB 1916 (Feb 27) Coloured stampless picture postcard [Tiny piece gone top left] of Port Said showing O.L.S.S. Oruba & tug w/banner for Hotel Eastern Exchange to Church Stretton, Salop datelined 31st General Hospital, Port Said & signed V.N. Dearden V.A.D. cancelled what looks like skeleton BAPO 1 but must be BAPO T [29 Feb] d/s & w/triangular Passed / By / Censor 3003 h/s in red [1210] £10.00
6 EGYPT 1916 (May 17) 5th Indian General Hospital printed stampless env to Alexandria cancelled Indian FPO 311 d/s located Suez & allocated for use by hospitals & w/circular Passed By Censor/Indian Expeditionary Force/22 h/s in violet & w/on rev Indian FPO 311 [17 May] + bi lingual Suez [17 May] + partial Sidi Birhr [18 May] transit d/s & bi lingual Alexandria [18 May] arrival d/s [1215] Back £30.00
7 EGYPT - USA 1916 (May 19) Plain envelope to Springfield, Mass. bearing pair 5m tied Port Said cds & with blue on blue fancy Opened By Censor label tied blue circular Passed By Censor with Star in centre hand stamp [597] £8.00
8 EGYPT - GB 1916 (Jul 9) Plain stampless env [light vertical crease] to Aberdeen countersigned by member RAMC & cancelled skeleton APO SZ10/B d/s & w/triangular Passed / By / Censor 3109 h/s in red allocated to 27th General Hospital [1209] £10.00
9 EGYPT - GB 1916 (Nov 30) Sepia photographic stampless postcard showing soldier on mule signed I Hyhathway, Upper Egypt to Bristol & datelined 9785 Sey I Hyhathway RAMC,.21st General Hospital, Eastern Forces cancelled skeleton APO SZ22/C [1 Dec] d/s & w/triangular Passed/By/Censor 300? h/s in red [1211]Back £10.00
10 EGYPT - USA 1918 (Dec 7) Plain envelope to Springfield, Mass. bearing 10m tied Cairo cds & with black framed chambered cornered Passed/Censor / 1 hand stamp with violet unframed Received/Jan 21, 1919 hand stamp [598] £5.00
11 FRANCE - GB [CANADIAN FORCES / FRENCH FLAG CARD] 1915 (Mar 4) Correspondance Militaire printed French stampless post card showing flags of 6 Allies to Maidstone & datelined No 1 Field Ambulance, 1st Canadian Exped. Force cancelled d/r Field Post Office? X d/s & w/boxed Passed By/Crown/No 2432/Censor h/s in red [CM2] issued to 3rd Canadian Field Ambulance& used probably in the Armentieres area [1164] £5.00
12 GERMANY - USA [BAVARIA / TPO] 1915 (Sep 2) Kuniglirches Kurhaus-Hotel, Bad Kiffingen printed env (part back flap gone) to St Louis fnkd Bavaria 10pf [2] tied faint KB Bahn Post / NRMB v KRZB & w/circ Auslandstelle Coln-Deutz / Frie Gegeben h/s in red [168] £2.00
13 GERMANY - MEXICO 1915 (Sep 23) Gustave Struck & Co Sucs. Hamburg printed env to Mexico fnkd 5pf (4) & 10pf (2) canc. Hamburg & w/partial circ Auslandstelle Coln-Deutz/Frie Gegeben h/s in red. [1065] £5.00
14 GERMANY - USA 1915 Pair Dutch Xmas Greeting card to Chicago bearing 10pf tied Flensberg / 2 cds to Chicago plus envelope complete with letter to Buffalo bearing pair 10pf tied Cassel date stamp & with circular Auslandstelle Coln-Deutz / Frie Gegeben h/s in red [1834] £10.00
15 GREAT BRITAIN - SWITZERLAND [REFERRED CENSORSHIP] 1916 (Nov 11) Plain envelope to Madame la Princesse Emgalitscheff, Beau Rivage Palace Hotel, Lausanne bearing GV 2 x 1d & ½d partly overlaid by Opened By /Censor /4189 label & referred to higher Censor with manuscript 309 applied in blue crayon & with on back Lausanne (20 Nov) arrival cds Interesting item [1369] £12.00
16 GREAT BRITAIN WW1 Unused cppc entitled In Memoriam, Airman Hero, Tragic fate of Lieut Warneford / Airman who blew up a Zeppelin/Killed when testing a New Plane w/central picture of the man surrounded with red roses Lieut. Warneford served with RNAS No 1 Squadron in France on the Belgian border, was awarded the VC for actions against German Zeppelin & died 17 Jun 1915 when testing a new airplane whose right hand wings collapsed leading to a total failure of the entire airframe, a short but eventful career [1234] £10.00
17 GREAT BRITAIN - PERSIA 1919 Military tombstone censor on face of cover from Kazvin to Hamadan. Postage on back, missing a stamp Back £8.00
18 GREAT BRITAIN - GREECE 1918 Syros Lion censor handstamp, fine strike tying British censor tape on cover from Ios Island. Scarcer than on postcards, and a nicer small island origin Back £60.00
19 GREAT BRITAIN 1919 Postal/Registered Section/Censorship handstamp on registered cover to Sweden. Bank wax seal and GB registry postmark on back; no Swedish markings Detail £25.00
20 INDIA [NORTH WEST FRONTIER] 1917 (Jul 17) Glossy photographic picture postcard showing group soldiers from 21st Lancers Depot near Ghora Dhaka in the Murree Hills of N.W.F. Not postally used [1227] £10.00
21 ITALY - HOLLAND 1918 (Apr 16) Plain envelope registered to Dutch Red Cross, The Hague bearing pair 25c tied Firenze No. 3 cds & with matching R/Firenze N. 3/2905 registration label & black on white Verificato / Per / Censura label tied black boxed Bologna Posta Estera / Verificato Per Censura (57) & unframed 603 hand stamp & on reverse Bologna [17 Apr] transit & Gravenhage [14 May] arrival cds [1196] £6.00
22 ITALY - LIBYA 1917 Bengasi censor on commercial cover to Switzerland (Zurich backstamp) Back £12.00
23 MALTA - GB 1915 (Jul) Coloured picture postcard entitled "Malta- Royal Palace" to London bearing Malta GV 1d tied Valletta cds & with red circular Passed By Censor / Crown /No 1079 [1738] £12.00
24 MALTA - GB 1917 (Jul 9) Coloured glossy Greetings from Malta picture postcard St. John’s Cathedral interior to Bedford bearing 1d (Damaged) tied partial Valletta d/s & w/alongside triangular Passed / by / Censor / No 4166 h/s in red [1223] £4.00
15 RUSSIA 1916 Registered cover from Orenburg to Danish Red Cross. Full Orenburg wax seal on back. These Orenburg seals are much scarcer than the Petersburg, and scarcer than the Moscow, wax seals Detail Front £30.00
26 SERBIA - TUNISIA 1918 Civil and military censor handstamps on postcard from Serbian in Bizerte (un-postmarked, possibly sent as enclosure). Following its evacuation from mainland Europe, the Serbian Army maintained medical, educational and training activities in Tunisia £12.00
27 SWITZERLAND - USA 1916 (Jan 20) Kern & Cie., Aarau printed envelope registered to New York bearing Helvetia 50c tied Arau / Filiale cds with matching Registration label No 944 & intercepted by French with Controle Postal Militaire label tied oval Ouvert / 204 / Par L'Autorite Militaire hand stamp & with on back New York NY / Reg'y Div (10 Feb) arrival cds [1380] £7.00
28 SWITZERLAND - USA 1916 (Dec 19) Plain env to Raleigh NC bearing 25c tied Interlahen d/s & w/black on brown Controle Postal Militaire label tied oval Ouvert / 202 / Par Autorite Militaire h/s in black & w/unframed 12 h/s in red [1293] £4.00
29 USA [US FORCES in FRANCE] 1918(Feb) Unused photographic card of "Office of Company D, 1st US Engineers in a dugout at Beaumont dated 27 Feb 1918" [860] £12.00

30 GERMANY 1919 (Oct) German censor tapes on 5mk (Mi. 151) single franking registered cover from Munich to Austria Back £25.00
31 GERMANY - USA 1920 (Feb 4) Plain envelope to Winchester Va bearing Germania pair 15pf & with black on white Auf Grund / ber Berorbnung vom 15 November 1918 / (Riechsgefegblatt S. 1324) Geoffnet label [1686]Back £12.00
32 GREAT BRITAIN military in North Persia, 1920, British military censor on back of civilian cover from Tehran to US. Unusual on international mail. 2 pieces of mounting paper on address side Back £30.00
33 INDIA 1943 Bombay censor on cover from Madras Christmas Seal Committee £10.00
34 LATVIA 1919 Libau censor handstamp on postcard to GB Back £40.00
35 SWITZERLAND - CEYLON 1919 (Jun 4) Incoming coloured picture postcard entitled "Schweiz - Partie bei Schuls-Tarasp" to Kurunegala bearing William Tell 10c tied St. Gallen cds & with violet circular Passed /Colombo /Censor hand stamp & partial Kurunegala (29 Jun) arrival cds Kurunegala a smaller place with a population of 30315 in 2011 [889] £10.00

36 ADEN - GB 1939 (Oct 30) Plain env (Worn & 60% back flap gone) to Darleston bearing 2a & ½a tied Aden d/s & w/circular Crown / Passed By / RAF / Censor / No 65 h/s in violet [1222] £13.00
37 ADEN - INDIA 1942 (Jan 27) M. E. Hack, PW Contractors, Aden printed envelope to Saharanpur bearing Dhow 1½a tied Aden cds & with red on white PC22 Opened By / Censor label tied violet boxed Passed By Censor / No 6 / Aden hand stamp & on reverse Saharanpur [22 Feb] arrival cds [1120] £12.00
38 ADEN 1942 (Sept) Seiyun stamps postmarked Aden on cover return addressed Aden Point, with Aden censor Back £15.00
39 ARGENTINA - HOLLAND 1939 (Nov 11) Pictorial envelope showing Dove of Peace carrying envelope in flight to Holland bearing 20c tied Buenos Aires cds & intercepted in Britain with PC 66 / Opened By / Censor / 305 label [1357] £4.00
40 AUSTRALIA - GB 1941 (Nov) env to Aston fnkd 2d canc Melbourne / Subscribe / to / the War Loan slogan d/s & w/Britain Delivers the Goods patriotic label [831] £6.00
41 AUSTRALIA - GB 1944 (Jul 21) Plain envelope to The secretary, The London Jews Society, London W.C.2 bearing GV1 definitive 2½d tied Adelaide / South Aust date stamp & with red on white 4 / Opened By Censor label tied by violet framed 4 / Passed / By / Censor / 22 hand stamp [1613] £4.00
42 AUSTRALIA - SOUTH AFRICA 1945 (May 18) Plain envelope registered to Johannesburg bearing Australia Duke & Duchess of Gloucester 2½d + 5½d + 3½d making strange 11½d rate tied GPO Sydney / NSW Aust cds & with matching registration label No 3707 & red on white 2 Opened By Censor label tied framed 2 / Passed / By / Censor / 1185 hand stamp in violet Piece gone central top not affecting markings [1395] £6.00
43 AUSTRALIA 1942 Launceston censor, Smith Ty. 6.1-3b (C/F scarcity) handstamp on death notice to US Back £10.00
44 AUSTRALIA 1942 POW letter sheet franked for airmail but stamp removed. (Space just overlapped by censor handstmp; most likely removed by camp censor checking for hidden messages underneath.) From an Italian POW in Camp 5, Myrtleford, to Italy Detail Back £40.00
45 BELGIUM - GB 1940 (Mar 11) Deckers & Wirtz, Anvers printed envelope to Messrs. F. Bower & Co., Liverpool bearing pictorial showing Ship / Beckers & Wirtz Tower Building Anvers 1f75 meter tied Antwerpen slogan date stamp & with PC66 Opened By / Censor / 1668 label Attractive [1397] £5.00
46 BELGIUM - GB 1945 (Jul 5) Cableries et Corderies du Hainaut S.A. Dour printed envelope to Cheltenham bearing 1f 75 tied Dour cds & with bi-lingual Controle Des Communications label tied circular 428 censor hand stamp [1399] £3.00
47 BRITISH HONDURAS - USA c1943 Wilson's Commission Agency, Belize printed postcard to Los Angeles & forwarded locally on arrival bearing 2c tied poor cds & with violet circular US Censorship / Examined / By hand stamp with 3398 inserted in manuscript [Mayo C5-1] [622] £4.00
48 BURMA - USA 1941(Jan 2) Maiden Voyage/SS Executor/American Export Lines printed pictorial envelope to Waterbury, Conn bearing 1a on 2a6p Commemoration / Postage Stamp / 6th May 1840 tied Rangoon cds & with violet circular Posted on the High Seas/Maiden Voyage / S.S. / Executor / 1940 & triangular Passed / Censor / 7/ Rangoon hand stamps [615] £7.00
49 BURMA [INTERNAL CENSORED] 1945 (Sep 16) Plain envelope used locally within Rangoon bearing Burma GV1 1½a overprinted Mily Admin tied Rangoon date stamp & with PC90 Opened By Examiner label tied on reverse violet lozenge Crown / Passed / DGB 3 hand stamp [1709] £8.00
50 CAMEROUN 1941 (5 Dec).Free French label tied by faint strike of censor mark on unusually formatted airmail cover to US. Better strike of the Cameroun censor and faint Nigerian censor handstamp on face Back £20.00
51 CAMEROUN 1944 Attractive locally censored cover to US with unusual jusqu'a destination handstamp £20.00
52 CANADA 1941 Cover from South from S. Reinhardt in South Africa to internee Ludwig Sondheimer, with Canadian civil and camp censorship. Unusual origin for this. Nearly all of the internees in Camp N were German Jewish refugees Back £30.00
53 CANADA 1945 (14 Sept) CCSG (2016) type 152 (formerly CM14) on postcard sent June 1941 from Prince Rupert to Sweden. Applied to mail held during the war (not sure why – possibly because view side shows waters around Prince Rupert?) £35.00
54 CAYMAN ISLANDS 1942 Local censor handstamp CCSG (2016) Ty. CH3, (9/10 points) on commercial airmail cover to US £45.00
55 CEYLON - GB 1940 (Apr 9) Plain env by airmail to Southsea bearing 3c + 15c + 30c + 50c + 2c making 100c rate tied China Bay d/s & w/circ Passed By / RAF / Censor / No 88 h/s [type R1] [1115] £25.00
56 CEYLON - GB 1944 (Sep 10) Stampless env endorsed OAS to Rochdale canc RAF POST / COLOMBO d/s & w/RAF Censor / 485 h/s [Type R17] [438] £12.00
57 CEYLON - GB 1945 (Apr 14) Stampless Security: Think-Before You Write air letter to Reigate canc temporary FPO B d/s & w/circ Unit Censor/X 279 h/s w/India removed [1482] £10.00
58 CEYLON - GB [BRITISH FORCES] 1945 (Apr 17) Stampless Airmail env endorsed OAS to Edinburgh canc Indian FPO 161 d/s located Kandy w/tri Field Censor / 178 h/s & circ Unit Censor / X 520 h/s w/India removed [1483] £6.00
59 DENMARK – AUSTRIA [CENSORED in GERMANY] 1941(Feb 20) Lemche, Elinorsvej 43, Charlottenlund envelope by airmail to Wien bearing 30ore + 20 on 15ore & 40 on 30ore tied Copenhagen date stamp & on reverse Geoffnet / Obercommando der Wehrmacht 5 dot censor label tied faint scarcer red circular Eagle Swastika (Riemer B-3a Abb 37) hand stamp [1688]Back £12.00
60 DUTCH EAST INDIES 1941 Patriotic label tied by local censor handstamp on semi-postal FDC to the US £15.00
61 EGYPT 1941 Safe Arrival / British Navy label tied by Egyptian censor handstamp on back of airmail cover to GB Front £20.00
62 EGYPT - GB 1940 (Nov 30) Furness (Egypt) Limited, Alexandria printed envelope to United Kingdom Commercial Corporation, London E.C.3 bearing Farouk 15m + Pair 2 x 1m tied Alexandria cds & with circular bi-lingual M /Censorship Dept. hand stamp in black & with on back Cairo (3 Dec) transit slogan date stamp [1411] £2.00
63 EGYPT - USA 1940 (Feb 18) Plain envelope to Wilkinsburg, Penna bearing solo Farouk 20m tied smudged Sidi Gaber cds & with circular bi-lingual M / Censorship Dept. hand stamp in black & with on back Alexandria (18 Feb) transit cds [1412] £2.00
64 FRANCE - GB 1942 (Mar 13) France Petain 1.20f Stationary post card uprated with additional strip 3 x petain 1f to Horsham, Sussex & forwarded to 2000090 Cpl H. F. Hawes W.A.A.F. Granville Hotel, Toftland Bay, I.O.W. tied Sorbets cds & with violet lozenge Crown /Passed / P.102 hand stamp alongside Horsham /Sussex (15 May) cds for redirection. Interesting item to serving W.A.A..F. from Vichy France [1619] $20.00
65 FRANCE - GERMANY 1942 (Oct 13) France Petain 1.20f Stationary post card uprated with additional Petain 1.20f to Berlin tied Paris date stamp & with red circular Gepruft / Eagle Swastika / Obercommando der Wehrmacht hand stamp & 4 x small violet boxed 410 & 393 & 350 & 302 plus tiny red unframed Ar censor hand stamps [1664] £8.00
66 FRANCE - GERMANY 1942 (Dec 28) Plain envelope to Berlin Spandau bearing Petain 50c & pair 1.50f tied Paris date stamp & plain brown re-sealing label (which has been lost) tied red Geoffnet (e) / Eagle Swastika / OKW hand stamp (Riemer E-23a) & with on reverse series of four blue 366. 351, 430 & 416 examiners hand stamps within framed box [1749] £3.00
67 FRANCE - AUSTRIA 1943 (Feb 4) Plain envelope to Wien bearing Petain pair 1.50f (one cut into when envelope opened ) plus single 1f tied Bordeaux /Gironde cds & with red broken circle Ae & on reverse violet 421 + 443 + 577 within framed box hand stamps [1742] £7.00
68 FRANCE - AUSTRIA 1943 (Sep 28) Plain envelope to Wien bearing Petain pair & single 1.50f tied Paris date stamp & with red circular Ae & on reverse 576 & 601 within framed box hand stamps [1741] £8.00
69 FRANCE - GB 1944 Societe Generale Des Filtres printed envelope to Stream Line Filters Ltd. London S.W.8 bearing pair Ceres 2.25f tied Paris 90 date stamp & although endorsed Registered no label or hand stamp is present indicating such & with Controle label tied violet boxed 095 hand stamp & reverse violet boxed 095 plus 088 hand stamps [1670] £4.00
70 FRANCE - SOUTH AFRICA 1945 (May 28) Plain envelope to Johannesburg bearing Anti Tuberculosis pair 2f+1f tied Hauteville - Lompnes G.A. / Ain cds & with black on buff Controle label tied green pointed oval Ouvert Par / PAY / Autorite de Controle hand stamp & on reverse green 471 within circle h/s [1663] £5.00
71 FRANCE 1941 Camp de Gurs concentration camp censor handstamp on registered cover to US. Registered mail from this camp is considerably scarcer than regular mail. Additionally interesting: lack of (overt) British censorship; and the 6 weeks gap between mailing and arrival of this airmail cover. As to the sender: “Martin Wehl aus Hamburg, offenbar ein Bruder des Chefarztes, der sich seit dem 18. September 1940 im Sanatorium aufhielt, wurde am 22. Oktober 1940 von der Gestapo abgeholt und nach Gurs deportiert. Alle übrigen Insassen durften zunächst blieben. Ende September 1942 wurden sie - mit dem Chefarzt 26 Personen - nach Darmstadt transportiert und dort einem hessischen Deportationszug nach Auschwitz angeschlossen. Sie wurden alle ermordet.” Back £50.00
72 FRANCE 1942 Unusual Vu au Depot handstamp on registered cover from Lyon to Geneva £15.00
73 GAMBIA 1941 FAM 22 cover (AAMS 22-7) to US with military censor (F/O rank in return address on back, but no unit), postmarked 29 November, backstamped Miami 8 Jan. Given that this cover was posted before FAM 22 was established, I assume it was intended to be sent via established British routes but was delayed and diverted when the South Atlantic route opened £25.00
74 GERMANY 1939 Surface mail cover from Venezuela 21 Sept to Hamburg with GB PC66 tape and German currency control tape. Until OKW tapes were available (12/39), German censors used the currency control tapes. Given the lack of Charlottenburg datestamp, and the fact that the Hamburg censor office was not open this early, I'm guessing processed at Frankfurt Back £12.00
75 GERMANY 1940 Sachsenhausen concentration camp censor handstamp on Oranienburg KL lettersheet to Moravia Inside £35.00
76 76 GERMANY 1940 Cover from Saarbrucken 8 Dec. to California, censored in Frankfurt. Appropriately franked 240pfg. for 5gr. cover to US by this service. Original 40pf stamp has been lifted and replaced. I have no solid reason for this though one possibility is that the German censor wanted to take a look under the stamp. While LATI mail to South American destinations is pretty common, to the US it is quite scarce. Great usage of mundane censor device Back £200.00
77 GERMANY 1944 Ab censor handstamp on cover with Gemeischaftslager Schindlwald handstamp and matching return address, from Hogarth to Nice. Water staining on face Back £8.00
78 GERMANY - SWEDEN 1941 (Jul 23) env to female in Sandarne, Sweden from Feldpost 26123H [Harbour Commandant at Caen] fnkd 2x 20pf canc Feldpost “b” & Censored in Berlin [Feldpost mail to overseas destinations is rare] [1501]Back £40.00
79 GERMANY - BULGARIA 1941 (Oct 20) Plain envelope by airmail to Sofia bearing Hindenburg 10pf & 25pf tied Clausthal cds & with Obercommando der Wehrmacht / Eagle Swastika / Geoffnet (g) label (Riemer G-53a) tied red hooded circular Gepruft / OKW / Eagle Swastika hand stamp (Riemer G-3a) [1753]Back £10.00
80 GERMANY 1942 (Sep 12) Pictorial 6pf Hitler head stationary card with 2 filing holes depicting Zahnradbahn Brannenburg - Wendelstein to Grossen Thur tied by Berlin NW cds & with alongside red circular Deutschland Sieg an allen Fronten fur Europe (Germany Wins on Fronts in Europe) with large V in centre [1763] £15.00
81 GERMANY - HOLLAND 1943 (Mar 19) Plain envelope with vertical crease to Bussum bearing Hitler head 12pf tied Berlin W cds & with Obercommando der Wehrmacht /. . C . . / Geoffnet label (Riemer C-54) tied circular Gepruft / OKW / Eagle Swastika /c hand stamp (Riemer G-20) & on reverse 3 different coloured chemical swipes looking for hidden messages [1758] £5.00
82 GERMANY - HOLLAND 1943 (May 20) Plain envelope Registered Express to Eindhoven bearing Hitler head 12 pf + 30 pf + 50 pf tied Berlin 62 cds & with R /Berlin 62 /606 b registered & black on red Express label & blue violet Ab within circle & on reverse Eindhoven (24 May) arrival cds [1731] £6.00
83 GERMANY - FRANCE 1944 (May 8) Plain postcard to Paris bearing Hitler head 15pf tied Kornwestheim cds & with red Ae within 23mm circle hand stamp broken on left side by lower part of A & the "e" looking like an 8 with a break at top right of bottom portion that does not even come close to anything listed by Riemer [1759] £8.00
84 GERMANY - BELGIUM 1944 (May 5) German 6pf Hitler Head Stationary post card to Grand Charleroi cancelled Taucha (Bz Leipzig) (8 May) cds & with red smudged circular Obercommand der Wehrmacht / Eagle Swastika / C / Gepruft & violet 38 within small box hand stamps [1710] £7.00
85 GIBRALTAR - GB 1943 (Jan 14) Plain envelope by airmail to Penrhyndeudraeth, Wales bearing Moorish Castle 6d tied Gibraltar / 25 machine date stamp & with PC 90 Opened By Examiner / A 6005 label imprinted (C45778) [1641] £8.00
86 GREAT BRITAIN - IRELAND 1940 (Jun 25) Plain envelope with light vertical crease to front but pronounced on back to Callybackey bearing GV1 Centenary 2½d tied unclear date stamp & with PC 90 Opened By / Examiner 1358 label [1528] £3.00
87 GREAT BRITAIN - INDIA 1941 (Feb 17) Plain envelope by airmail to Quetta bearing GV1 definitive 1/- & 3d tied Cheltenham Glos /1 cds & with black framed Not Opened By / Censor /1 -H applied at Peshawar [1531] £6.00
88 GREAT BRITAIN - SWITZERLAND [DOUBLE CENSORED] 1943 (Jun 17) Plain envelope by airmail to Missionhaus Bethlehem, Immensee from St. Andrew's Connvent, Liphook, Hants bearing GV1 pair 2½d making 5d air mail rate tied Lihoook / Hants cds & with PC 90 Opened By / Examiner 5,835 label with on opposite side Geoffnet / Obercommando der Wehrmacht . . X . . label tied red circular Eagle Swastika hand stamp [1593] £3.00
89 GREAT BRITAIN - IRELAND 1944 GB 5½d Registered stationary envelope to Holywood, Co. Down cancelled York cds & with R/York 5 / No 8981 registered label & with part PC 90 continuous Crowns / Opened By / Examiner label with number gone & green on white PC 23 / Returned to Sender / By the Censor / For Reason Explained in / Memorandum Enclosed / in this Cover. No memorandum is present [1726] £10.00
90 GREAT BRITAIN 1940 (Sept) CCSG Ty. 2B3 censor handstamp, “T” code (for trade, though the message is intensely personal, expressing sense of isolation and despair a month into the German air campaign against the UK) on nice postal card to US £10.00
91 GREAT BRITAIN - Fr. OCEANIA 1939 (29 August) Cover in transit (docketed per SS Queen Mary) when war broke out, censored on arrival in Tahiti. “In late August 1939, Queen Mary was on a return run from New York to Southampton. The international situation led to her being escorted by the battlecruiser HMS Hood. She arrived safely, and set out again for New York on 1 September.” Vertical central fold and opening tears at top (repaired insider with paper tape) Back £20.00
92 GB - GERMANY 1947 Nice usage of Ty 1 & Ty 2 PC90 tapes by British occupation censors on cover GB to Germany, returned by censor. No enclosure Back £15.00
93 GUADELOUPE 1939 (9 August) Mystery cover. Dated St. Bartholemey 7 August 1939, to NY, with Guadeloupe censorship almost a month before France declared war and initiated civil censorship. One would suspect a datestamp error, except that the date is confirmed by the Basse Terre backstamp. Either this cover was held in Guadeloupe for an unusually long time awaiting transit to the US, or it was censored on return to the colony after war broke out. The cover bears no (other) evidence of the latter, suggesting that if it did come back it was as an enclosure in another piece of mail (i.e., a sub-cover). Either way, highly unusual and rare Back £40.00
94 GUATEMALA - USA 1942 (May 2) env to Cambridge, MASS. fnkd 15c, 4c & 2c tied mute d/s w/on rev Correos de Guatemala d/s & w/black on white Examined By / 2030 label [581] £4.00
95 HAITI - JAMAICA [INTER ISLAND MAIL] 1942 (Feb 18) Plain envelope registered to Convent of Mercy Academy "Alpha" Kingston endorsed Par Avion & bearing Chapelle de Christophe Milot 2 x 50c & Interamerican Coongress 25c tied Cap Haitien//R duplex & with red crayon manuscript B above ink 2 over 203 alongside pencil 4250 plus Sous-Secretariat D'Etat /A L'Information et a la Police Generale /Ouvert Par la Censure label tied large mauve circular Republique D'Haiti /Informations et Police Generale hand stamp & on reverse Port Au Prince (19 Feb) transit & oval Kingston-Jamaica/Registered (23 Feb) arrival date stamps [1679]Back £30.00
96 HAITI - USA [DOUBLE CENSOR] 1944 (Sep 20) Plain envelope registered to New York endorsed Par Avion bearing 1g & 50c with on reverse additional 15c & 5c tied St. Marc cds & with framed R with manuscript 4329 alongside & Sous-Secretariat D'Etat / A L'Information et a la Police Generale / Ouvert Par la Censure label tied partial violet circular Republique D'Haiti / Informations et Police Generale hand stamp & on opposite side US transparent Examined By/3508 tape with on reverse New York [24 Sep & 26 Sep] transit & New York [27 Sep] arrival date stamps [566]Back £10.00
97 INDIA – GB 1939 (Nov 14) Plain envelope by airmail to Bexhill on Sea from Major G. Plover, Station Supply Depot, Peshawar bearing GV1 Mail Steamer 6 Anna & Mail Lorry 8 Anna tied boxed Use the Air Mail & Save Time /Peshawar slogan date stamp & with red triangular Passed /Censor /Peshawar /1 hand stamp [1631] £10.00
98 INDIA - GB 1940 (Feb 20) Crested The Kings env to Stockport endorsed on rev from Pte Gleave HQ Coy, Roberts Barracks NWFP fnkd 2½a tied Mall Road/Peshawar d/s & w/tri Passed / Censor / 1 / Peshawar h/s [CCSG 1H] in red [773] £16.00
99 INDIA - GB 1940 (Nov 8) Plain envelope by airmail to Tunbridge Wells bearing India Mail plane 12a + GV1 definitive pair 1a making 14a inclusive rate for Horseshoe route tied Bombay GPO & with black framed Not Opened By / Censor / C-9 hand stamp 14a paid the inclusive Horseshoe rate which was By air via BOAC to Durban then Sea to UK [1781] £8.00
100 INDIA - GB 1941 (Jul 27) India GV1 14 Anna Airmail stationary envelope to Lingfield Surrey from Miss D.M. Orton, C.M.S. Hospital, Kashmir cancelled Pahlgam cds & with red on brown Arms / Opened By Censor label tied black triangular Passed By / Censor / B 65 hand stamp & with on reverse black 72 within circle hand stamp. Nice item from higher altitude Hospital [1630] £5.00
101 INDIA – GB 1941 (Aug 23) Imperial Bank of India Calcutta crested envelope by airmail to North of Scotland Bank Ltd, Aberdeen bearing 1 Rupee & 1 Anna 10 tied Calcutta GPO / Reg / Air cds & with matching registration label R 933 + black triangular Passed By / Censor / A 7 + violet oval Imperial Bank of India / Despatching / Calcutta hand stamps & on reverse flaps sealed with 2 oval Imperial Bank of India / Calcutta red wax seals [1588] £20.00
102 INDIA - GB 1941 (Sep 17) Plain envelope by airmail to Liverpool bearing India Dak Runner 3 x 2a + GV1 definitive 6 x 3½a + pair ½a making 28a double rate tied Shillong cds & with red on brown Arms /Opened By Censor label tied black triangular Passed / By / Censor hand stamp 28a paid double Horseshoe rate which was By air via BOAC to Durban then Sea to UK [1780] £15.00
103 INDIA - GB 1941 (Sep 19) Plain envelope by airmail to Liverpool bearing India Mail train 3 x 4a + GV1 definitive 2 x 2a + 3 x 3½a + 3p + GV 1a3p making 28a double rate tied Shillong date stamp & with red on brown Arms / Opened By Censor label tied black triangular Passed / By / Censor hand stamp 28a paid double Horseshoe rate which was By air via BOAC to Durban then Sea to UK [1779] £15.00
104 INDIA - USA [OHMS/WRAPPER] 1942(Feb 28) Wrapper to Los Angeles endorsed "By the American Conference Lines" & w/unframed From/Bureau of Public / Information, New Delhi h/s w/signature inserted fnkd 1a (2) & 3p tied Calcutta d/s & w/tri Passed By/Censor/A 14 h/s & unframed Released By Authority of/The District Postal Censor h/s [Mayo S 2.1.1] in violet [941] £5.00
105 INDIA - GB 1942 (Nov 29) Plain envelope to Crowborough bearing India GV1 definitive 3a & ½a tied Anantnag cds & with black on white PC90 Opened By Examiner label tied blue unframed DHC/18 & on reverse black lozenge Crown / Passed / DHC 37 hand stamps. Scarcer mail from Anantag Kashmir [1783] £5.00
106 INDIA - TURKEY [DOUBLE CENSORED] 1943 (May 13) Plain envelope to Istanbul bearing GV1 3½ Anna tied Mahableshvar cds & with PC90 Opened By Examiner label tied blue unframed DHC/63 & black lozenge Crown / Passed / DHC 37 hand stamps + with violet unframed T. 4353 hand stamp applied in Egypt & on back violet unframed 9856 hand stamp & Istanbul (3 Jul) arrival date stamp [1625]Back £25.00
107 INDIA 1939 German bank cover mailed 21 August, resealed with Controller of Enemy Trading tape, tied by 29 November Bombay postmark. A scarce tape nicely used on a cover in transit when war was declared Back £30.00
108 INDIA 1939 (11 Sept) Early usage of Calcutta handstamp, CCSG (2011) ty. 1A1 handstamp on cover return addressed Internees Camp Bangalore to Calcutta. Not sure how to account for the part-strikes of the Calcutta machine postmark at bottom; nothing seems to have been removed Back £20.00
xx INDIA 1943 see lot 33 listed under "Between the wars"
109 INDIA 1941 Quetta Not Opened handstamp, CCSG (2011) type 8 (10/10 points) on incoming cover from GB. Part of back flap missing £15.00
110 INDIA – GREAT BRITAIN 1941 CCSG Ty. 6C1 India tape (moderately scarce, 8/10 points) on cover to GB with British postage due stamps. Sent by member of the 16th Punjab Regiment. Rubber band tear at top Back £10.00
111 INDIA, 1942. Bombay censor on Chamba State official cover to Bombay. As Chamba State was a nominally sovereign Princely State, its mail to addresses within the Raj was considered to be subject to censorship Back £15.00
112 IRELAND - INDIA 1940 (May 18) Plain envelope by airmail to Brooke Bond India Ltd., Calcutta & forwarded to Officers Training School marked "To Await Arrival" bearing GB GV1 5d & 1940 Centenary 1½ + 2½ + 1d + 2d + 3d making the 1/3 air rate tied Helen's Bay/Belfast cds & with black framed Not Opened By / Censor & on reverse Calcutta GPO (28 May) transit date stamp [1777] £15.00
113 IRELAND - USA [DOUBLE CENSORED] 1944 (Aug 28) Plain envelope to San Francisco bearing Ireland Celtic Cross 3d & Bro. Michael O'Clery 1/- tied bi-lingual Co. Chorcaio cds & with black on pink bi-linual SP1 /Opened By Censor label with on opposite side PC90 Continuous Crowns / Opened By / Examiner / 4590 label [1439] £6.00
114 ITALY 1943 (Aug) occupation of France. Cover from Annecy, Haute Savoy to Switzerland with Italian censor. Haute Savoy was occupied by Italy from November 1942 - September 1943. Cover mailed shortly before the Italian surrender and the transfer of this territory to German control. In my experience these are scarcer than mail from the Italian occupation of the Mediterranean area Back £30.00
115 ITALY 1943 occupation of Jugoslavia. Italian postcard with Special Delivery stamp postmarked Lubiana, to Jugoslav civil internee in Padua, with smudged Italian civil censor handstamp £25.00
116 ITALY 1944 POW postcard from Naples to Stalag VIF with Allied (ACS) and camp censor handstamps £10.00
117 JAPAN - DUTCH EAST INDIES 1944 Japanese censor handstamp and 2 other Japanese handstamps (presumably firm markings) on occupation postal card from Garoet to Bandoeng £12.00
118 KENYA – INDIA [CENSORED ON ARRIVAL] 1940 (Oct 31) Plain envelope to Bandra, Bombay from Miss G.M. Davies, Girl Guides Association, Nairobi bearing KUT GV1 Lake Naivasha 1/- + Mount Kilimanjaro pair 15c tied Nairobi/Kenya cds & with red on white Arms 26C / Opened By Censor label tied triangular Passed By / Censor / Crown / C 10 hand stamp & boxed Buy Defence / Savings Certificates / Delivery / 7 Nov 1940 / Bandra, Bombay arrival date stamp [1455] £5.00
119 KENYA 1939 (Oct) CCSG Ty IC tape (1 example recorded) except with Ty. IA handstamp instead of MOMBASA, making this the only reported example of a new (sub) type of tape Back £25.00
120 MAURITIUS 1940 F9ne strike of local censor handstamp on Barclay's Bank cover (imprint on back flap) franked with B perfin £20.00
121 MAURITIUS 1940 CCSG (2000) Ty IIIA tape (7/10 points) on cover to US Back £15.00
122 MOROCCO – GREAT BRITAIN 1943 OAT handstamp on cover to US, with British censor tape. 50% of back flap is gone and there are 2 bits of mounting paper on back £20.00
123 NETHERLANDS - GERMANY 1941 (Dec 24) ppc (Xmas & New Year greetings showing Trams & car on round about) to Berlin fnkd 2½c tied Amsterdam slogan d/s & w/circ Wehrmacht Eagle code "C" h/s [Riemer C-5d] in red & small boxed 39 & 40 h/s in violet [758] £2.00
124 NED. EAST INDIES - USA [DOUBLE CENSORED from SUMATRA] 1942(Jan 5) International Rubber Co. printed envelope to Company Office in New York bearing 10c & 5c tied Kisaran cds & with black on brown Door Censuur Geopend label tied red circular Deviezen / Censuur / 4 hand stamp overlaid by plain brown label tied blue circular Passed By / Censor hand stamp with manuscript 1561 inserted in ink & on reverse black circular Censuur / 6.1.42 /32 hand stamp [549]Back £9.00
125 NETH. WEST INDIES / CURACAO - USA 1944 (Mar 9) Printed airmail env registered to Los Angeles bearing 15c & 40c tied Willemstad d/s & w/red on white R/Curacao Willemstad/No registration label w/010307 inserted in black h/s, Gezien / Curacao / Censuur h/s in blue & w/transparent Examined / 30276 tape & w/on rev unframed 6697 h/s in blue w/manu 4 below in red ink, Miami / Fla [11 Mar & 15 Mar] + Los Angeles / Parcel Post [16 Mar] transit d/s & Los Angeles, Calif / Terminal Annex [16 Mar] arrival d/s [1264] £8.00
126 NIGERIA - CAMEROUN 1940 censor Buea and Kumba Cameroons Under British Mandate postmarks on cover to French Cameroun, with Cameroun censor Back £30.00
127 NORTH BORNEO 1939 (?) CCSG (2011) type 1A handstamp on printed matter cover to Denmark. Nothing on back, and date is a guess, but a great destination and rate item £60.00
128 NORWAY - GB [COMMERCIAL MAIL] 1940 (Mar 2) Tryugve Paulsen, Stavanger printed envelope with light vertical crease two filing holes & biro annotation to keep stamp to Brown, Bayley's Steel Works Ltd., Sheffield bearing single Commemorative 30 ore tied Stavanger machine date stamp & with PC66 Opened By / Censor / 1667 label - Sounds horrid but actually quite attractive [1706] £5.00
129 NORWAY - USA [CENSORED in GERMANY] 1940 (May 31) Airmail env to Hollywood & forwarded within LA on arrival fnkd 45o & 40o tied Bergen d/s & w/on rev Wehrmacht 5 dot label tied scarcer circ Briefstempel / Geoffnet h/s applied in Berlin & w/Los Angeles [24 Jun] d/s & unframed Notify Correspondents / of your correct address h/s in violet [540]Back £18.00
130 NORWAY - USA [CENSORED in GERMANY] 1941 (Feb 19) Airmail env (Roughly opened rhs) to Brooklyn & forwarded locally on arrival fnkd 25o Ovptd large V & 60o tied Moss V for victory slogan d/s & w/on rev Wehrmacht code "B" label tied circ censor h/s [541] £7.00
131 NORWAY – SWITZERLAND 1944 (Feb 19) Plain envelope to Red Cross Geneva bearing Rampant Lion 20 ore tied Oslo Mot Lysere Tider slogan (Towards Better Times) date stamp & with plain Brown re-sealing tape tied blue Geoffnet Eagle Swastika OKW hand stamp & with red boxed 4177 & blue double S hand stamps [1705] £15.00
132 PALESTINE 1940 Palestine Police CID and standard Jerusalem censor handstamps on postcard to Hungary. (UK did not declare war on Hungary until 7 December 1941, so no postal interruption at this time.) On February 13, 1940 the Jewish refugee ship Skaria docked at Haifa with 2300 refugees. “This was the last immigrant ship despatched by the Irgun and the New Zionist Organization to reach its destination The women and children were released, while the men were transferred to the detention camps at Atlit and Sarafand, where they spent six months before being released.” Back £65.00
133 PALESTINE 1940 2 Nov 37 permit handstamps (Palestine & Egypt Lloyd, Ltd) and Haifa censor handstamp on unsealed printed matter cover to US £12.00
134 PALESTINE 1942 “Please Request sender...” handstamp, CCSG (2011) type 7A4 (9/10 points) and French Levant censor handstamp on cover from Jerusalem to Bromanna, Lebanon. Cover opened through Palestine PC22 tape £30.00
135 PALESTINE 1944 Latrun internment camp return address on cover to Jerusalem with Palestine civil censor handstamp and faint postage free handstamp. Repaired (looks to be archival tape) tear in back flap, otherwise fine and scarce. I have been unable to find anything about why the sender the sender (Anatol Ungurian) was interned, though I did find a 1947 Palestine Gazette entry listing Anatole Ungurian as a partner in a business Detail Back £80.00
136 PAPUA & NG - AUSTRALIA 1939 (Nov 13) Uncensored env to Canberra fnkd 2d tied Port Moresby/Papua d/s [430] £8.00
137 PAPUA & NG - AUSTRALIA [AUSTRALIAN FORCES] 1944 (Sep 25) Airmail env to Hobart fnkd Aust 2d & 1d tied AFPO/No 74 located Port Moresby & unusually w/Naval Tombstone Censor h/s [431] £10.00
138 PANAMA - USA 1942 (Aug 20) Plain env to New York City bearing 1c & 2c tied Agencia Post/Panama d/s & w/black on white Examined By / 6754 label [1255] £3.00
139 POLAND - SWITZERLAND [LIBERATION] 1945 (Aug 7) Plain envelope registered to International Red Cross Geneva bearing Kosciuszko Memorial Lodz 3 z (cut into when envelope opened with scissors & Crawaw Monuments 1 z tied Lowitz cds & with red framed R / Lowicz /No 2021 registration hand stamp & blue/black unframed Sprawdono Przez / Cenzure Wojskowa / - - 66 (Can't read 1st 2 digits) & on reverse Ankara (23 Oct) transit & Geneva (1 Dec) arrival cds 115 days in transit [1716]Back £12.00
140 PORTUGAL - GB 1941 (Dec 3) Sociedade Biblica Britanica e Estrangeire printed envelope by airmail to British & Foreign Bible Society, London E.C. 4 bearing pair 1$75 tied Lisbon cds & with PC 90 Opened By / Examiner 1298 label [1575] £3.00
141 SAN SALVADOR - USA 1945 (Feb 20) Plain airmail envelope to San Francisco bearing 1942 Airs 8c & 30c tied Correo Aereo / Salvador date stamp & with transparent Examined By / 36496 tape with on reverse violet V.B within circle hand stamp [1284] £4.00
142 SAN SALVADOR - USA 1945 (Aug 9) Dr. Erwin Kosak printed airmail env to New York bearing 8c & pair 15c tied Correo Aereo / Salvador d/s in violet & w/transparent Examined By / 50104 tape [1283] £3.00
143 SIERRA LEONE 1940 Censor tape on cover from Vila Cabral (town founded in 1931; today Lichinga, capital of Niassa Province), Mozambique. Very unusual origin-destination item Back £25.00
144 SOUTH AFRICA - USA [PATRIOTIC] 1941(Nov 4) Plain env to Columbus OH bearing War Effort pair Sud Afrika/South Africa 1½d tied Johannesburg machine d/s & w/green on buff 1d V / Issued By the South African Gifts & Comforts Committee patriotic label [1252] £7.00
145 SOUTH AFRICA - GB [PATRIOTIC] 1942(Jan 20) Printed env w/large blue V in top left corner to Thongsbridge Nr Huddersfield bearing War Effort 1½d tied Cape Town machine d/s [1253] £3.00
146 SOUTH AFRICA - GB 1942(Aug 31) Plain env (Opened to display censor label & w/most of back flap gone) to Lancaster bearing 1½d tied faint Boksburg machine d/s & w/red on white bi-lingual UC8 small Opened / By / Censor label tied by unframed Arms/B h/s in violet [1240] £1.00
147 SOUTH AFRICA - USA 1944 (May 12) Bi-lingual Red Cross Society, P.O. Box 8726, Johannesburg printed envelope to The Director, Civilian Relief, Insular & Foreign Operations, National HQ, Washington DC bearing Bantam 3d tied Johannesburg date stamp & with bi-lingual red on white UC8 (Small) / Opened / By / Censor label tied violet Arms /B hand stamp with on opposite side US transparent Examined By /11010 / U.S. Censor tape very fancy address for what was part of the US Red Cross [914]Back £8.00
148 SOUTH AFRICA 1945 (8 Sept) Arms/B handstamp ties censor tape on back of cover with OAT handstamp on face, to Switzerland £15.00
149 SOUTH AFRICA 1944 OAT handstamp on cover to US. Arms/B handstamp ties censor tape on reverse £15.00
150 SOUTHERN RHODESIA ca. 1943 Local censor tape with print code not recorded in CCSG catalogue Detail £12.00
151 SPAIN - SWITZERLAND 1940 (Jun) env from R. Roman to B. Roman in Zurich fnkd 45c [2], 1p & 5c canc Madrid & w/on rev Madrid Censor label [908] £6.00
152 SPAIN - AUSTRIA 1944 (Mar 27) Hermann Schuffenhauer, Barcelona printed envelope with horizontal crease to Flug Kapitaen Kurt Vogel, Wien bearing Air pair 1 pts & single 1943 Ano Santo 80c tied Barcelona date stamp & with brown re-sealing label tied green OKW Geoffnet (d) Eagle Swastika (Riemer D-21c) plus red boxed 5734 & 3203 within frames + unframed A + blue 42 within frame & 10 within circle hand stamps of German censorship & with on reverse Aereo / Barcelona (28 Mar) transit & black framed Censura Gubernativa / Barcelona [1729]Back £15.00
153 SUDAN 1941 CCSG (2010) Ty II handstamp tying Ty. II tape (6 & 7/10 respectively) on cover to US Back £20.00
154 SURINAME 1946 Airmail cover from internee to Switzerland with Free Frank handstamp (additional postage required as only surface mail was free) with internment office censor handstamp on back. I have not been able to track down the sender (J. Frey), but the fact that he was writing to a pastor suggests that he was likely one of the local “134 people from German descent, six Surinam partners and three NSB'ers (members of the Dutch pro-German National Socialistic Movement) Most prisoners were missionaries and teachers from the Evangelic Brother Community (EBG), known as ‘Herrnhutters’, and their families” rather than one of the 139 internees later imported from the Dutch East Indies and detained at Jodensavanne. Opening tear upper left. Scarce Back £70.00
155 SWITZERLAND - GB 1940 (Apr 11) Plain postcard to Ealing W. 13 bearing Swiss brown 10c & similar design violet 10c tied Lausanne Red Cross slogan date stamp & with blue lozenge Passed / Crown / T.45 hand stamp with "By Censor" removed [1638] £5.00
156 SWITZERLAND - GB 1941 (Jun 16) Comite International de la Croix-Rouge- Geneva printed envelope to Sister Marie Aloyse, Springfold House, Peaslake, Surrey with Geneva 30c meter cancellation & red unframed C.M. plus PC90 Opened by / Examiner 1934 label [1799]Back £12.00
157 SWITZERLAND – GB 1941 (Jul 31) Printed airmail envelope to Comtelburo Ltd, London E.C.2 bearing Swiss Helvetia Seated 60c tied Geneva 11 cds & with PC90 Opened by / Examiner 1024 label [1790] £8.00
158 SWITZERLAND - GB 1942 (Jun 22) Plain envelope by airmail to Oxford bearing Swiss Oath of Union 50c tied Geneve 3 cds & with PC90 Opened by / Examiner label mostly torn away but subjected to special censorship treatment with 2 other sides being opened & re-sealed with plain brown label & a portion of the continuous Crowns (CCSG type 2D) label [1797] £4.00
159 SWITZERLAND - GB 1943 (May 17) Fritz Stotzer, Bern printed envelope to Church Missions for Jews, 16 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London W.C.2 bearing Swiss Landscapes 30c tied by Bern pictorial patriotic date stamp showing group 3 people talking & soldier with finger to lips date stamp & with PC90 Opened by / Examiner 851 label [1792] £7.00
160 SWITZERLAND - GERMANY 1944 (Sep 4) Plain envelope registered to Dusseldorf bearing 25th Anniv. Of National Air Post 10c + 20c + 30c tied Winterthur cds & with matching Registration label No 284 & with Geoffnet / Obercommando der Wehrmacht / . . d . . Label tied red circular Eagle Swastika hand stamp & with red boxed 2175 + red unframed L & blue unframed W hand stamps with on reverse Dusseldorf (12 Sep) arrival cds [1703]Back £12.00
161 TANGANYIKA - USA 1940 (Nov 15) Plain envelope to Springfield, Mi. bearing single 15c & 3 x 5c tied weak Mbeya cds & with boxed Passed / By Censor No 2 hand stamp & on reverse Dares Salam [26 Nov] transit cds [1077] £10.00
162 TANGANYIKA - GB 1944 (Feb 7) Plain envelope by airmail to London bearing KUT 30c & 1/- tied Tanga cds & with violet lozenge Crown / Passed / R 12 hand stamp [1723] £12.00
163 TONGA 1943 faint but readable local censor handstamp, #WW/2 on OHMS covert to US. Light foxing and bit rough at top £20.00
164 TRINIDAD ca. 1942 Slightly scarcer censor tape (CCSG [2016] Type CL 4 [formerly 2D]) on airmail cover from Brazil to US. Tape steamed off back for display. Cover with tear at top £10.00
165 TUNISIA - GB [DOUBLE CENSOR] 1944 (Feb 17) Printed airmail envelope to Messrs. Ovadia Haber, Manchester bearing 10f tied Tunis Colis Postaux Port / Tunisie cds & with black on pink Controle label tied pointed oval Ouvert / VA 29 / Autorites de Controle & on opposite side PC90 Opened By / Examiner 2310 label with on reverse red VA23 within circle [1719]Back £8.00
166 TURKS AND CAICOS Is 1943 Local censor, CCSG (2016) CM3 handstamp (7/10 points) on long OHMS registered cover from the colonial postmaster to the US. Opened by censor in Jamaica PC90 tape #823) Back £35.00
167 UNITED STATES – GREAT BRITAIN 1939 16x24cm press photo cover from GB, with US Special delivery stamp tied by customs handstamp (presumably paying special delivery fee and not the customs fee, since it was there before the handstamp). Faint Ministry of Information censor handstamp on face and PC22 tape on back. Something with perforations has been removed from face of cover above the manuscript number Detail Back £20.00
168 UNITED STATES 1941 (16 Dec) First use on cover of the Broderick & Mayo C1.3 handstamp, and another example struck on plain brown tape, from the collection of C.D. Brenner, censor and philatelist. The page is ex-Broderick, with write-up duplicating Brenner's manuscript pencil note on the back of the cover £120.00
169 UNITED STATES 1942 (April) Early Puerto Rico tape modified with Virgin Islands number, on cover from Martinique (local censor) to US. By far the scarcest of the US civil censorship stations, and all devices from here are at least very scarce. On 12 February 1942 a sub-station of San Juan was opened at Charlotte Amalie with 1 Army officer and 5 civilians. The re-routing of mails that this move had anticipated did not occur, and the sub-station was closed on 31 August 1942 Back £100.00
170 UNITED STATES - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 1943 US censor tape on airmail cover from Adolf Schmitz, Ciudad Trujillo, to the National Refugee Service in the US. The Dominican Republic was one of the few places that accepted German Jewish refugees in WWII. My strong suspicion is that Adolf Schmitz was one of these Jewish refugees, and that he was trying to get to the US with the assistance of the NRS Back £45.00
171 UNITED STATES - GERMANY 1946 (Aug) Return to sender label over address on cover with US censor tape and handstamp. No enclosure £15.00
172 VENEZUELA - GB [DOUBLE CENSOR] 1942 (Sep 25) Marco T. Bozo & Co., Maracaibo printed airmail envelope endorsed violet unframed Por Avion / Desoe Maracaibo Hasta Estados Unidos to The Power Flexible Tubing Co. Ltd., Finsbury Park, London bearing single Air 75c tied Maracaibo cds in violet & with Examined By / 1823 label applied in USA & on opposite side PC90 Opened By / Examiner 2988 label [1721]Back £6.00

173 BRITISH OCCUPATION of FORMER ITALIAN COLONIES LIBYA - USA 1947 (Apr 7) Airmail envelope with airmail deleted to New York bearing GB GV1 definitive 5d overprinted M.E.F. tied Tripoli / Corrisp E Pacchi cds & with 7 within circle censor hand stamp in violet [1387] £15.00
174 DUTCH EAST INDIES 1947 Soerabaja currency control censor handstamp on attractive airmail cover to US £8.00
175 FRANCE - GERMANY [POW] 1947 (Apr 6) Kriegsgefangenenpost/Correspondance de Prisonnaire de Guerre printed letter sheet to Munden in Hanover from German soldier POW & w/boxed Censure / Depot 401 h/s in blue of Camp d'Auvours [1505] £10.00
176 GERMANY [ALLIED CENSOR] 1946 (Feb 6) Plain envelope to Hamburg bearing Ampost 12pf tied poor Hof a.Saale 7 cds & with red Released / C C D /Group "A" censor hand stamp of the US Zone [1769] £8.00
177 GERMANY [ALLIED OCCUPATION] 1946 (Nov 11) Plain envelope registered to Berlin Wilmersdorf bearing single numeral 84 pf tied Wittenburg (Meckl) cds & with blank R / No 505 registration label with Wittenburg (Meckl) hand stamp inserted & on reverse Berlin / Wilmersdorf 1 (3 Dec) arrival cds [1760] £20.00
178 GERMANY - GB [ALLIED CENSOR] 1947 (Oct 6) Heinrich Stephan 12pf printed stationary card to Tunbridge Wells uprated with additional Leipziger Messe 12pf & Garden planter 6pf tied Hamburg cds & with violet circular British Censorship / Crown /2780 / Germany hand stamp [1767] £10.00
179 GERMANY - AUSTRALIA [ALLIED OCCUPATION] 1948 (Feb 4) Plain envelope to Melbourne bearing Numeral 10pf + Peasant couple 16pf & 24pf tied Leipzig cds Scarcer item from Russian Zone to Australia [1768]Back £15.00
180 GERMANY - PARAGUAY 1946 Advertising cover from Nuremburg with US Zone censor, to Paraguay. Forwarding postage (barely tied by smudge cancel) required to send it on to Argentina (Buenos Aires Backstamp). Exhibit-level attractive, and unusual £25.00
181 GB [PATRIOTIC] 1946 (Aug) Pictorial env with flags of four nations w/V in centre to Inverbervie fnkd 1d canc Mill Hill [832] £6.00
182 ISRAEL - BELGIUM 1949 (Mar 27) Pictorial printed env by airmail to Sheffield bearing 5s + 15s + 20s + 40s making 80s rate tied Tel Aviv d/s & w/black on red Hebrew vernacular Opened By Censor label [1259] £9.00
183 ISRAEL - BELGIUM 1949 (Dec 7) Pictorial printed env by airmail to Brussels bearing 5s + 5s + 15s + 15s + 40s making 80s rate (The 5s & 15s are different issues) tied Tel Aviv d/s & w/black on red Hebrew vernacular Opened By Censor label [1258] £9.00
184 ISRAEL - BELGIUM 1950 (Jan 5) I.R. Grunwerg, Import Commission & Representation, Tel Aviv printed airmail env to Brussels bearing 2 x 3s + 10s + 10s + 15s making 41s rate (The two 10s are different issues) tied Tel Aviv d/s & w/red on white Hebrew vernacular Opened By Censor label [1261]Back £9.00
185 MEXICO - AUSTRIA [ALLIED CENSOR] 1947 (Sep 11) Plain envelope to Klagennfurt from Mixcoac bearing 12c + 8c + 6c + 4c making a 20c rate tied smudged Mixcoac cds & with Plain brown re-sealing label tied violet framed ZZBZ with alongside circular Zivilzensur in der Britische Zone hand stamps [1762] £25.00
186 SOUTH AFRICA - GERMANY [ALLIED OCCUPATION] 1946 (Oct 2) Plain envelope by airmail to Berlin bearing 1/3 + Bantams strip 3 x 1d tied Durban slogan date stamp & with Opened By / Mil. Cen.-Civil Mails label tied green circular Military Censorship / 15259 / Civil Mails hand stamp & on reverse Berlin NW 7 (8 Oct) arrival cds [1644]Back £8.00
187 SWEDEN - DENMARK 1945 (Nov 13) Plain envelope to Copenhagen & forwarded on arrival with vertical crease bearing pair 10ore tied dotted circular Varekil [Small village] cds & with red on white Oppnad For Valutakontroll label plus Kobenhavn [15 Nov] cds for redirection & with black unframed 1511 & 8126 hand stamps [1673]Back £12.00
188 SWEDEN - GERMANY [ALLIED OCCUPATION] 1946 (Apr 30) Plain envelope with back flap gone to Hamburg bearing pair 5 ore & 2 x 10 ore tied Stockholm 1 cds & with Opened By /Mil. Cen.-Civil Mails label imprinted PSS.2411. 8.45 2000M tied by violet circular Military Censorship / 20394 / Civil Mails hand stamp with the number enhanced in ink [1594] £5.00
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