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Contents and Link to the Bulletin

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 2:07 pm
by dannmayo
Note: The Table of Contents should be viewable by everyone. To use the link to the Bulletin (click on it under "Attachments") you will need to be a CCSG member with a Username and Password. These you can get from me at For those members with website access, when you click on the attachment below, a dialog box should open allowing you either to download the file or open it with Adobe Reader.

Table of Contents

Page Title Author Index
1 A Humble Proposal Dann Mayo
2 Society Business (Webmaster, Library, Membership &c.)
4 Censor Stations in the United Kingdom WWII Konrad Morenweiser 3A8-1
18 My Favorite Censored Cover Dann Mayo
19 WWI GB: Diversions of Censorships – A Request for Information Graham Mark 1A7 et al.
20 WWI GB: Duplicate and Triplicate Letters Graham Mark 1A7-1
22 So You Want To Be A censor? Peter Burrows A7 + 3B1-6
25 Gold or Lead? – Austrian Überroller, or Enhanced Covers Dann Mayo & Walter Farber 4A14
31 Air Despatch Letter Service/Bomber Pouch Mail Louis Fiset 3A8-2
33 U.S. Air Transport/Bomber Pouch Mail Dann Mayo 3A8-2
36 Edward VIII Censored Dann Mayo 2A19 + 3A8