CCSG Auction 194 Lot Listing

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CCSG Auction 194 Lot Listing

Postby dannmayo » Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:36 pm

Note: All scans are now on the site. To view them, click on the colored lot number and, in many cases, the "More" link(s) immediately before the reserve price. DM

CCSG Auction No. 194
Closing Date for bids Friday 13 June 2017

NOTE This auction priced in POUNDS STERLING, with overseas winners invoiced in Dollars or Euros

For the auction rules see CCSG Bulletin 157, except clause 10 have been revised to read “Bids must be made in POUNDS STERLING. The winning bid will be at the reserve or one increment above the second highest bid.”
Bids mail to CCSG Auction Manager, Peter Burrows, 116 Lynton Road, Harrow Middx HA2 9NN
United Kingdom, or by E-mail at
Bids by e-mail will only be accepted if your full name & postal address are given
I usually acknowledge e-mail bids within 24 hours, so if you do not receive confirmation, please try again
Lots are normally held in Great Britain and therefore incur no VAT, except those marked *

There is NO Buyers Premium, only postage & packing will be added to invoice.

Payment of Winning Lots:
U.K. & other Overseas Members to send cheque payable to Civil Censorship Study Group in Pounds Sterling £ to U.K. Treasurer Graham Mark [The banks are objecting to use of initials only],
or if by PAYPAL, please use "I'm sending money to family or friends" so that any fees are paid by you & send payment in GBP - British Pounds to
North American Members to send cheque drawn on American Bank payable to Dann Mayo - CCSG in US$,
or if paying by PayPal send to and add 3% to above amount
EU Members can send EURO cheque drawn on German Bank payable to Konrad Morenweiser

Material for future auctions always welcome
Abbreviations: AM = air mail, b/s = backstamped, bcm = blue crayon mark of US Censorship at bottom left, c. = cover, cld = cancelled, co3s = cover opened out 3 sides, (CoA) = Coat of Arms, CS = Censor Station, fkd = franked, h/s = handstamp, m/s = manuscript, nc = not censored, o/w = otherwise, pbt = plain brown tape, pc = postcard, pm = postmark, ppc = picture postcard, ps = postal stationery, RX = International Red Cross, s = surface mail, sf = serif letters, s/l = single line, st = resealing label slit open, t = censor re-sealing tape/label, w/ = with, w/o = without, [ .. ] = CCSG type numbers.
The number after the description [xxx] is the vendor’s reference.
Quality: XF = extra fine, VF = very fine, F = fine, VG = very good, G = good, P = poor.

Lot # Description in GB£

1 ITALY, Republic of San Marco, 1849 (Jan). Committee of Public Vigilance handstamp seal on folded letter sheet (no letter enclosed; slight bit of docketing inside) More £25.00
World War I
2 BELGIUM - OCCUPATION OF GERMAN EAST AFRICA 1917 Small typed Belgian censor label on postcard to Germany, with British Tanganyika censor handstamp. Text mentions “gefangene” which I assume is the only reason this was allowed to go through (as internee mail) across the lines £70.00
3 CANADA 1919 Vancouver CENSORED handstamp on postcard from Japan with exceptionally attractive franking £18.00
4 CRETE 1918 Anglo-French censorship on commercial cover to US More £35.00
5 GOLD COAST 1917 Fair strike of local censor handstamp on small registered cover from Apam to US. Small part of back flap gone £30.00
6 SUDAN 1915 Circular Halfa and triangular handstamps on piece (only) of postcard £10.00
7 TUNISIA 1919 Local censor handstamp on cover to US £8.00
8 TURKEY - PALESTINE 1915 Beirut star/crescent and Austrian censor handstamps on postcard from Jerusalem to Germany More £45.00

9 BRAZIL 1933 (Jan.) faint handstamp on tape appears to be Meiffert (CENSURADO / … R.G. DO SUL. Scarce tape More £15.00
10 BRAZIL 1933 Meiffert handstamp on airmail cover from Rio de Janeiro to Rio Grande do Sul £10.00
11 CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1939 (April-August) Currency control markings on 3 covers to a Dr. Karl Blum in Italy (2) and GB More More £8.00
12 GB OCCUPATION OF TOGO 1916 Registered philatelic cover from Lome with Lome censor handstamp. The “Enclosure” notation is unusual. Cover with tear at top, vertical fold clear of everything, and small bit of back flap missing £25.00
13 SPAIN ca. 1936 Republican censor handstamp on cover from Barcelona to France. Franking includes bisected 2c stamp, plus Barcelona charity stamp More £12.00
14 SPAIN 1938 cover sent through International Brigades post office, with military handstamp on back. Part of plain brown tape missing on back More £55.00

15 ANTIGUA 1943 CCSG (2016) ty. L8 tape, plus Miami censor taper on cover to US. Leewards (1/ appears to be the scarce SG 110bb, with black key plate and grey duty plate) and Antigua mixed franking More £12.00
16 AUSTRALIA 1944 Camp and civil censors on 1/ POW letter sheet from Murchison to Italy. These catalogue quite high in Higgins and Gage, but enough have appeared over the years that they routinely fail to sell when offered at over $100 on eBay More £45.00
17 GREAT BRITAIN 1945 (Apr) Permit label on cover from London to Sweden, with ty. II PC 90 tape. Stamps have perfins. Scarce More £25.00
18 CROATIA 1943 Faint local censor handstamp on back of postal card from Sunja to Zagreb with postage due stamp More £10.00
19 DOMINICA 1942 CCSG (2016) ty. H2 handstamp (8/10 points) on cover to US £12.00
20 DUTCH EAST INDIES 1940 Local censor handstamp on wrapper, with printed market report from Makasser to the US. Common marking but a great usage £15.00
21 DUTCH EAST INDIES 1941 (month indistinct) Red Cross handstamp thing DEI censor tape on Red Cross airmail cover from Tjidak internment camp to Switzerland, with German censor on back. Thyese DEI Red Cross covers from Dutch civilians are fairly plentiful, but from internees they are scarce More £20.00
22 DUTCH EAST INDIES 1941 3 airmail covers with local censors. 1 to Australia. 2 to US, 1 via Australia (bit of mounting tape on back), 1 via Hong Kong (small piece out top right corner) from Batavia £30.00
23 EGYPT ca 1939 Early and scarcer WWII Egyptian censor tape on cover without stamps or postmarks – presumably sent as sub-cover or hand carried to the US More £12.00
24 FRANCE – BELGIUM - GERMANY 1941/43 Correspondence regarding interdiction of publications between France and Belgium. German censor machine mark on the postcard from 1941 in the same correspondence More More £15.00
25 FRANCE - BERMUDA 1941/50 PRIZE COURT backstamp on airmail cover from France to US. Enclosed is letter plus note from PO about an earlier letter having been seized by British censorship in Bermuda (how did they know?) All tied together by the manuscript notation C/51w/5N/ on each. A bit rough around the edges (not unusual for regular mail held for 8 years) More More £80.00
26 FRENCH LEVANT 1945 Scarcer Robertson Ty. 6 SR handstamp (use confined to registered mail from Beirut) on registered airmail cover to US £10.00
27 GREAT BRITAIN 1940 (May) Interim censor tape, CCSG Ty. 2B tape, handstamp number 6203 (not recorded in CCSG database) on long window envelope from Italy (likely to US given the style of the date stamp in back) More £15.00
28 GREAT BRITAIN 1943 Repeating crown censor tape on airmail cover from Sweden to Canal Zone (unusual destination). Cover reduced a bit at top £8.00
29 GREAT BRITAIN 1944-45 OCCUPATION OF TRIPOLITANIA CCSG (2000) ty. I handstamp on both sides Italian Red Cross postal message form. Outstanding usage More £40.00
30 GREAT BRITAIN, OCCUPATION OF ERITREA 1943 CCSG Ty. IIIB tape on airmail cover to US, with Nigerian censor handstamp on face. Small tear (peelable hinge repaired) at top center More £25.00
31 GREAT BRITAIN, OCCUPATION OF ERITREA 1945 CCSG Ty. IVB tape on airmail cover to US. Cover opened roughly at right More £12.00
32 GREAT BRITAIN, OCCUPATION OF MADAGASCAR 1944 CCSG (2010) ty. BHII/I handstamp tying by BLI tape on cover from Tananarive to South Africa More £12.00
33 GERMANY 1939 (2 October), currency control censor tape on tied by Bremen date stamp on back of cover to US. Early (pre-November) German WWII censorship is somewhat chaotic. These early-war currency control censors were likely a stand-in for an established civil censorship system More £25.00
34 GERMANY - DENMARK 1941 (May) Scarce return to sender handstamp (Landsmann KB 1.1, 40 Euros) on postcard to Sweden More £25.00
35 GERMANY - US 1941 POW postcard from French POW in Stalag IXA, to American Red Cross, with reply half attached. Message invokes the memory of Lafayette. US censor is Broderick & Mayo S 3.1.3 but with a number handstamp that they do not record. Sent from Germany in early Nov. 1941, so in transit when war broke. An early usage of the US handstamp £10.00
36 GOLD COAST - EIRE 1944 GC CCSG (2010) Ty. V tape and Eire Released by Censor handstamp on cover. Cover with central vertical fold More £15.00
37 HAITI – JAMAICA - CANAL ZONE 1943/45 Airmail cover from Haiti to Ecuador, censored in Haiti, Jamaica and Canal Zone, with CZ Held by... Censorship handstamp not recorded in Broderick and Mayo. There appear to be 3 different CZ tapes as well: 1) part of paper tape under 2) cellotape number 13087 (Balboa) and 3) a bi-lingual cellotape with examiner number likely trimmed off when cover was opened by addressee. Attractive and rare More £80.00
38 HUNGARY 1941 Sarvar internment camp censor and free frank handstamp on cover from Polish military internee to US. Very forgiving postal officials all-round, as Geneva Conventions mandated free mail only to the internee's home country £20.00
39 INDIA – IRAQ – US 1941 Bombay Passed Unopened censor handstamp on long US Foreign Service cover to Baghdad with Iraqi not opened censor handstamp £20.00
40 MALAYA 1940 2 covers with CCSG Ty. 3 tapes (scarce, 9/10 points) tied by Ty. 2 handstamps More £20.00
41 MALAYA 1940 CCSG Ty. 2A tape tied by faint handstamp on cover from KL to US More £10.00
42 PALESTINE - GREAT BRITAIN 1944 OAT handstamp and British censor tape on airmail cover from Tel Aviv to US £30.00
43 PALESTINE - GREAT BRITAIN - CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1941 (Feb), Palestine censor on cover to a Czech artillery officer at PO Box 226, London EC1 (undercover address), with what is likely a military re-examination tape on the back More £20.00
44 POLAND MILITARY IN GREAT BRITAIN 1944 GB tombstone censor handstamp on postcard franked with Polish exile government tied by Polish Navy postmark #27 to Scotland. Great usage of a common handstamp £20.00
45 SENEGAL - NIGERIA 1942 Registered cover (130x170mm) from French censorship authority in Dakar to W. T. Fox, Imperial Censorship Representative in Lagos. Nothing on back but French handstamp (same as on face) More £30.00
46 SIERRA LEONE 1944 (Jan) CCSG (2010) ty. IV tape tied on both side by red wax on airmail cover from Liberia to Great Britain. I cannot with any certainty make out any lettering in either impression, and I can see where the rim of the device is impressed into the paper around the wax. So, especially as this is well after the recorded use period for CCSG WS1, I think that this is something new More More £35.00
47 SURINAME 1941 Patriotic labels on back of 2 locally-censored covers from same correspondence. Not tied, but with good footprints. One cover with clean 3cm tear through return address More £20.00
48 TRINIDAD 1941 (May) CCSG (2016) ty. CL 7 tape on airmail cover from Venezuela to US. More £12
49 UNITED STATES 1942 (March) Miami censor on postcard from Brazil. Interesting message about having to proceed under blackout and the seriousness of lifeboat drill £8.00
50 UNITED STATES 1942-43 3 covers with 3 variants of the San Francisco locally-produced mimeographed version of the OC-64 form. Two without form number, the April 1943 version with a typo in line 5; and the 3rd with form number M-70 added. Rare group More More £100.00
51 UNITED STATES 1944 transmission between censor stations. Miami censor handstamp on plain brown tape under NY philatelic section cellotape on registered cover from St. Lucia. Registry back stamps shown St. Lucia 22 Aug, Miami 23 Aug, NY 1 Sept and Miami 2 & 4 Sept. Mail showing transfers between censor stations is very scarce More £40.00
52 UNITED STATES - GERMANY 1944 Internee free mail cover from Germany to Dr. Wolfgang Schnellbach, at Crystal City, TX, forwarded to Kennedy, Texas, with US (POW section) and German (Berlin) censors. Schnellbach was an IG Farben pharmaceutical expert working in the US when war broke out. He is implicated in the distribution of “400,000 adulterated Sulfathiazole tablets shipped out in 1940 which caused so much death and injury before the Winthrop management warned the public of this danger” (a charge that he vehemently denied). See£
msg33932.html and More £35.00
53 UNITED STATES - MEXICO 4 covers from Mexico with illustrated corner cards, each censored in Los Angeles More More More £12.00

54 CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1948 Sumperk censor handstamp on postcard to Germany (following the Communist coup in early 1948) £10.00
55 ISRAEL 1951 Israeli tape on cover from US, with Prexy franking More £8.00
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