Contents and Links to the Bulletin

Contents and Links to the Bulletin

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Table of Contents

Page Title Author Index

121 Editorial, Website and Library Notes
123 WWI - GB - Early censorship of transit mail Graham Mark 1A7-1
124 WWII - GB - Examined by Flag Officer in Charge Marty Bratzel 3A8-1
126 WWII - GB - New PC slips Peter Burrows 3A8-1
128 WWII - GB - PW27 slip Peter Burrows 3A8-3
129 Post war - Rhodesia/Zimbabwe - Exchange Control Graham Mark new
132 WWII - GB - “Corner Crowns” Charles LaBlonde 3A8-1
135 WWI - Germany to Cameroons with French censor Robin Pizer 1B3 ?
139 GB - Thomas Cook & Son Ed Fraser
142 WWII - GB - Unusual use of PC23 label Ed Fraser 3A8-1
144 WWII - GB - Pass Censorship by tape Charles LaBlonde 3A8-1
145 WWII - Coast Rica - Censor label L-1 Peter Burrows 3C14
146 WWII - GB - Crown only censor marks Peter Burrows 3A8-1
147 WWI - Germany to Persia, July 1914, returned in 1920 Robin Pizer 1D5
148 WWI - Germany to Australia, July-Seotember 1914 Robin Pizer 1E1-1
151 WWII - Muscat, censorship at the Post Office Thomas Johansen new
154 WWI - GB - Unusual censorship of a letter-card Graham Mark 1A7-1
155 WWII - Mozambique to Portugal, Tanganyika censor Graham Mark 3B3-6
156 Censorship and mail routing Dann Mayo mixed
160 Post war - USA - Intimidation by censorship Dann Mayo 4C7
161 WWII - Censorship of LATI mails to USA Dann Mayo mixed
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