Contents and Link to Bulletin

Contents and Link to Bulletin

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Note: The Table of Contents should be viewable by everyone. To use this link to the Bulletin


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Page Title Author Index
47 Society/library/membership notes
49 WWII - Brunei James Howard 3D1-12
55 WWII - Gibraltar updates Peter Burrows 3A6
61 WWII - Cayman Islands Peter Burrows 3C10-9-2
62 WW1 - USA Cinderella censorship Andrew S Kelly n/a
63 WWII - GB Corner Crowns Charles LaBlonde 3A8-1
67 WWII - GB “Special censorship” ?? Richard Beith 3A8-1
68 WWII - GB new War Office cachets Peter Burrows 3A8-1
69 WW1 - GB “War Material” an unusual item Graham Mark 1A7-1
70 WWII - Germany unusual use of handstamp Larry Nelson 3A3-1
71 WW1 - GB undercover mail/sub covers Graham Mark 1A7-1
72 WW1 - Netherlands to un-occupied Belgium Robin Pizer 3A10-1
73 WWII - Seychelles new ERD Graham Mark 3B3-5
74 WWII - New Zealand - new censor’s slip Mike White 3E1-4-1
76 WWII - Australia - military and civil censors Mike White 3E1-1
77 WWII - USA - new Los Angeles handstamp Dann Mayo 3C9-1
78 WWII - Finland - censored postal cancel Mikael Collan 3A4
81 Post WWII - Iraq, part I, Baghdad 1958-72 Marc Parren 4D4
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