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CCSG Auction 201 Lot Listing

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Note: Consignors may be uploading scans of certain lots. The links to these will be indicated by a lot number and perhaps a following text (e.g., "More") in blue. Anyone interested in viewing a non-linked lot should request scan(s) from Peter Burrows,

CCSG Auction No. 201
Closing Date for bids Tuesday 12th March 2019

NOTE This auction priced in POUNDS STERLING, with overseas winners invoiced in Dollars or Euros

For the auction rules see CCSG Bulletin 157, except clause 10 have been revised to read “Bids must be made in POUNDS STERLING. The winning bid will be at the reserve or one increment above the second highest bid.”

Bids mail to CCSG Auction Manager, Peter Burrows, 116 Lynton Road, Harrow Middlesex HA2 9NN
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There is NO Buyers Premium, only postage & packing will be added to invoice.

Payment of Winning Lots:
U.K. & other Overseas Members to send cheque payable to Civil Censorship Study Group in Pounds Sterling £ to U.K. Treasurer Graham Mark [The banks are objecting to use of initials only],
or if by PAYPAL send payment in GBP - British Pounds to, please add 4% to cover fees or use "I'm sending money to family or friends" so that any fees are paid by you
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EU Members can send EURO cheque drawn on German Bank payable to Konrad Morenweiser

Material for future auctions always welcome

Abbreviations: AM = air mail, b/s = backstamped, bcm = blue crayon mark of US Censorship at bottom left, c. = cover, cld = cancelled, co3s = cover opened out 3 sides, (CoA) = Coat of Arms, CS = Censor Station, fkd = franked, h/s = handstamp, m/s = manuscript, nc = not censored, o/w = otherwise, pbt = plain brown tape, pc = postcard, pm = postmark, ppc = picture postcard, ps = postal stationery, RX = International Red Cross, s = surface mail, sf = serif letters, s/l = single line, st = resealing label slit open, t = censor re-sealing tape/label, w/ = with, w/o = without, [ .. ] = CCSG type numbers.
The number after the description [xxx] is the vendor’s reference.
Quality: XF = extra fine, VF = very fine, F = fine, VG = very good, G = good, P = poor.

Lot # Description Reserve in GB£

1 MISC (Russia, Ceylon, Spain, Bolivia) 1915/1940s 4 covers: WWI Ceylon & Russia (In WWI appears to have used stamp selvage exclusively for resealing covers. This one has a full strike of the wax seal on the reverse.) The WWII usages in Spain and Bolivia are highly unusual £40.00

2 BULGARIA 1912 First Balkan War censor. Handstamp on cover from Stara Zagora to Netherlands. 8-week transit time suggests that transmission was delayed for some reason More More £40.00
3 BULGARIA 1913 Second Balkan War censor. Odrin (Adrianople, Edirne, Turkey, awarded to Bulgaria at end of First Balkan War) censor handstamp on cover to Belgium. Cover mailed on 29 June, the day that this war broke out, back stamped Anvers 26 November, almost 5 months later, suggesting postal service suspended. Odrin was occupied by Turkish forces on 23 July, and was formally returned to Turkey on 29 September. Why this cover was delayed another 2 months beyond that I do not knowMore More More More £90.00
4 COLOMBIA 1902 Barranquilla administrative handstamp used as censor handstamp on back of cover to US, with No Stamps Available Postage Paid handstamp on face. Cover reduced at right with small piece out of back clear of everything More £45.00
5 NATAL-VICTORIA-CAPE COLONY 1901 5th VMR (Victorian Mounted Rifles) regt. OAS on cover from Newcastle, Natal to Cape Town, with civil censor handstamp More £90.00
6 SOUTH AFRICA 1900-1901 Pair of covers from Johannesburg to Germany, from before and during the British occupation as reflected by their postage and censor tapes £25.00
7 SOUTH AFRICA 1901 (Feb 20) Plain envelope to Lady Grey bearing C.O.G.H. 1d tied Cedarville cds & with black on white Opened Under Martial Law label tied violet triangular PASSED PRESS CENSOR hand stamp with red ink initial in centre & with on reverse various transit & arrival cds [1939] £7.00

8 AUSTRALIA A.I.F forces in FRANCE 1917 (Jun 13) Plain stampless envelope endorsed On Active Service badly opened with tear top left to Cygnet, Tasmania cancelled FPO 137 cds & with violet oval PASSED FIELD CENSOR / Crown 1477 hand stamp. During this 3rd security period FPO 137 was used by the Australian 13th Brigade on the Western Front [1968] £10.00
9 BELGIUM - GB CANADIAN FORCES 1916(Jul 26) Plain stampless envelope with piece gone top left, part flap gone to Stoney Stratford, Bucks cancelled Field Post Office 3.X cds & with 6 sided Passed / Field / Censor / 1878 h/s [CM4] issued to 49th Cdn. Battalion 7th Canadian Brigade & with further Passed / Field / Censor / 3137 h/s in violet issued to 52nd Cdn Batt. 9th Canadian Brigade used somewhere in Belgium. Very unusual double Field Censorship [1868] £4.00
10 EGYPT - GB 1915(Mar 14) Plain stampless envelope to Dartmouth, South Devon cancelled on reverse Indian FPO 311 cds located Suez & allocated for use by hospitals & with on face red circular PASSED BY CENSOR / INDIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE 22 handstamp allocated to 76th Punjabis [2194] £20.00
11 EGYPT - GB [5th INDIAN & 27th GENERAL HOSPITALS] 1916 stampless printed 5 Indian General Hospital to Alexandria cancelled Indian FPO 311 (17 May) & with violet Passed By Censor / Indian Expeditionary Force / 141 & on back Suez (17 May) Sidi Barhir (18 May) transit & Alexandria (18 May) arrival & Plain envelope with light vertical crease to Aberdeen countersigned by member RAMC & cancelled skeleton APO SZ10 / B (9 Jul) & with triangular Passed / By / Censor 3109 h/s in red allocated to 27th General Hospital. 2 items from Hospitals in Egypt [1901] £12.00
12 EGYPT - USA 1916 Plain envelopes to Springfield, Mass. bearing Sphinx pair 5m tied Port Said (19 May) cds & with blue on blue fancy Opened By Censor label tied blue circular Passed By Censor with Star in centre hand stamp together with 1918 envelope bearing Colossi of Amenopolis 111 at Thebes 10m tied Cairo (7 Dec) cds & with black framed chamfered corners Passed Censor / 1. The pair showing differing styles of censorship as war progressed [1903] £6.00
13 FRANCE - GB 1916 (Apr 6) Plain stampless postcard to Bridgnorth, Salop cancelled Army P. O. 2 / A date stamp located Rouen & with red 6 sided PASSED FIELD ENSOR / Crown 1510 & alongside black framed IMPROPERLY POSTED DELAYED hand stamp with message to mother. Arrived Safe & Sound & feeling very fit. [1945] £8.00
14 FRANCE - GB 1916/1920 Cover from Netherlands to Argentina, seized by French censorship operating in London, with French seizure form on back showing release in 1920 More £45.00
15 GERMANY - BRAZIL & USA 1916 (Jan 28) FR. Reimer, Hamburg printed envelope to Porto Alegre, Brazil bearing Germania 20pfg tied Hamburg machine date stamp plus partial arrival cds on reverse & plain envelope to USA bearing 4 x Germania 5pfg tied Zittal (23 Apr) cds. Both have red circular Auslandstelle Coln-Deutz/Frie Gegeben & British OPENED BY CENSOR / 4056 or 1363 labels respectively & the latter with on reverse 5pfg Red Cross Fund label. Also 1915(Apr 21) Printed firms postcard with vertical crease to Grand Haven MI bearing 10pfg tied Lost cds & with violet circular Auslandstelle Coln-Deutz / Frie Gegeben hand stamp. Interesting trio [2210] £9.00
16 GERMANY-BELGIUM 1915 Belgian PO seals tied by German occupation Brussel censor handstamps on cover to Antwerp. Curiously, postage is applied after the seals £12.00
17 GERMANY-GB 1916/1919 Rant from a German to the British censor who, perhaps not surprisingly, condemned the letter. Cover from Berlin 1916 to Chile with Sept. 1919 Asuncion back stamp over the British censor tape. Bit faint Released... British Military Authorities handstamp on face. Weird and wonderful More £80.00
18 GERMANY-LUXEMBOURG 1918 Faint German censor handstamp and chemical smears (testing for secret ink) on postal card from Luxembourg. Secret ink testing was much less common in WWI than in WWII £15.00
19 GREAT BRITAIN - EGYPT [HOSPITAL] 1916 (Apr 14) Coloured Easter Greetings postcard to Trooper O. J Bard 1557, 21st General Hospital, Alexandria & redirected in pencil Zuamdua? Camp & with blue crayon Not YBD & pencil skeleton APO SZ13 code A (2 May) cds bearing GB GV ½d tied Chiswick machine date stamp [2193] £20.00
20 GREECE-FRANCE 1917 Unusual mimeographed censor tape on cover from Florina to US. Florina was captured by the Bulgarians in August 1916 and retaken by French and Serbian forces on September 20 More £25.00
21 INDIA-GB-GERMANY 1916 Cover from Chakral to Indian POW from the 129th Duke of Connaught's Own Baluchis, censored in Bombay, GB and Germany. “129th DCO Baluchis served on the Western Front in France and Belgium, where they became the first Indian regiment to attack the Germans. At Hollebeke, during the First Ypres, Sepoy Khudadad Khan became the first Indian to win the Victoria Cross; Britain's highest decoration for valour. The regiment also fought in the Battles of Messines 1914, Armentières 1914, Festubert 1914, Givenchy 1914 and Neuve Chapelle 1915. From France, the regiment proceeded to German East Africa. The regiment suffered a staggering 3585 casualties out of the 4447 officers and men, who served with it in the First World War.” More £35.00
22 SOUTH AFRICA - HOLLAND 1915 (Aug 12 & Oct 2) Plain envelopes to same female at Enschede both bearing GV 2 x 1d & single ½d tied Cape Town 13 or Mill Street / Cape Town cds & both with blue 24mm circular Passed Censor / C. 3 handstamps, the earlier one re-directed to Groningen & with bi-lingual Opened By Censor label & on reverse violet oval Censor / 17 Aug 1915 / Capetown handstamp & Groningen (10 Sep) & later item Enschede (8 Nov) arrival cds. Interesting pair [1954] £16.00
23 SOUTH AFRICA – USA 1916 (Mar 6) Plain envelope to manufacturing company in Muncie, Indiana bearing pair GV 1d & single ½d tied Port Elizabeth machine date stamp & with violet unframed Passed Censor handstamp [1955] £5.00
24 SOUTH AFRICA - USA O.H.M.S 1916 (Oct 28) South African Museum, Cape Town printed envelope bearing pair GV 2½d & 1917 (Oct 5) O.H.M.S. South African Museum with small tear at top affecting one 1d adhesive bearing GV 2 x 1d & single ½d both to Museum Comparat. Zool, Cambridge, Mass & tied bi-lingual Cape Town cds or machine date stamp, both with dirty green/blue 25mm circular Passed Censor /C. 1. or C. 13. Hand stamp. 2 items [1952] £30.00
25 SOUTH AFRICA 1917 Group 3 covers to USA (2) bearing GV 2½d or 1918 to Delft, Holland bearing GV 2 x 1 & single ½d all tied Johannesburg date stamps & all with bi-lingual Opened By Censor / 21 label & double rimmed circular violet Passed / 21 over 5 / Censor (2 to USA) or blue 21 over 1 handstamps with this last having Delft (15 May) arrival cds [1953] £16.00
26 SOUTH AFRICA - GERMANY undated PRISONER OF WAR, No Stamp Required printed envelope to Leipzig from POW No 174, barrack B3, Main Camp, Pietermaritzburg & with dirty Blue framed tri-lingual Prisoner of War & unframed Passed By Censor with red crayon E.C. presumably being the censors initials [1950] £16.00
27 US-PHILIPPINES-CHINA 1918 Cover from the Army and Navy Club, Manila to officer in 15th Infantry, Tientsin.   August 5 letter enclosed is extensively censored, right after mention of “27th.”  The 27th which caused the obliteration/excision undoubtedly refers to the 27th Infantry, which left Manila on 7 August for Vladivostok to become part of the AEF Siberia. Cover faulty but the only example of the “DELETED BY CENSOR” handstamp that I have seen, and great historical interest More More More More £200.00
28 US-GB 1916/1919 US Sc. 403 single on cover to Germany held by the British censor until after the war. Cover scuff at bottom left. Great usage More £25.00

29 BOLIVIA 1936 Cochabamba censor handstamp on back of Lloyd Aereo Boliviano cover to Germany More £30.00
30 BOLIVIA 1938 (March) Censor tape on back of cover from Cuevo to the US (Note, while fighting in the Chaco War reached a stalemate in 1935, the peace treaty ending the war was not signed until 21 July 1938 More) £30.00
31 CZECHOSLOVAKI9A-GERMANY 1938 (22 Oct) Czech censor handstamp on German postcard from Aussig (in the Sudetenland) the day after the German annexation, with cut-down postmark. The 50h postage due stamp pays the Poste Restante fee. Card with clean vertical fold clear of everything and mounting stains on back More £20.00
32 ETHIOPIA 1936 Ethiopian censor on cover from the Second Italo-Ethiopian War More £30.00
33 FIUME-ITALY 1919 Italian military censor commission handstamp on registered cover to Susak. Cover with central vertical fold. Nothing on back More 1884£25.00
34 GREAT BRITAIN - PERSIA 1920 Internal cover with Military censor handstamp tying printed tape. Cover missing a stamp, but the tape is scarce More £20.00
35 INDIA 1919 (July) Third Anglo-Afghan War censor. Handstamp on cover from Rawalpindi to Peshawar. From the positions of the back stamps it appears that the censor steamed open the cover and resealed it (somewhat sloppily) More More £125.00
36 ITALY-TURKEY 1919 PM 171 (Smyrna) censor handstamp on back of civilian cover from local merchant to US More More £30.00
37 POLAND 1920 Polish-Soviet War censor. Warsaw censor on postal card from stamp dealer in Bialystok to Germany. In late August Bialystok was the site of fierce fighting between Polish and Soviet forces. "The individual parts of the city repeatedly passed from the Polish to the Russian hands and back. During the battle, several armoured trains were used in combat. Heavy street fighting lasted for the whole day, with buildings changing hands several times."  And yet six weeks later philately had broken out in Bialystok £12.00
38 TUNISIA-EGYPT 1919 Attractive merchant corner card cover from Sfax tio Alexandria with Tunisian censor handstamp and tape and Egyptian wavy-line censor handstamp. Technically the war was still on, and the major powers were concerned about Bolshevism (not to mention Arab Nationalism; which led to a revolt in Egypt in 1919), so censorship continued for a while after the (11/11 armistice). Back flap gone £12.00
39 US-GERMANY 1919 Handstamp on message portion of reply card, with unused reply half attached. Central vertical fold through cards £12.00

40 ADEN - GB EARLY RAF CENSOR 1939 (Oct 10) Plain envelope with most of back flap gone to Darleston bearing Dhows 2 x 1½a tied Aden cds & with violet circular Crown PASSED BY RAF CENSOR No 65 (Type R1) hand stamp. These RAF type R1 censors are becoming difficult to locate [2220] £5.00
41 ALGERIA - GB 1940 (Mar 3) AIRMAIL envelope to London S.E. 4 bearing 25c + 2f + 1f on 90c tied Oran / Avion cds & with Controle Postal Militaire label tied pointed oval Ouvert / TB320 / Par L'Autorite Militaire hand stamp [1603] £6.00
42 ALGERIA-GERMANY-GB 1943 Cover from Kolea, Algeria to IRC, Geneva, censored in London and Paris. It appears that one of the censors applied a secret-ink-detecting chemical smear inside the cover: the blue stripe can be seen inside and under the stamps. Weird £15.00
43 ALGERIA - GB 1943 Algerian censor handstamp TA 318 tying local tape, plus GB PC90 and OAT handstamp on cover to US. Cover with clean vertical fold More £20.00
44 AUSTRALIA 1941 District 3 censor handstamp and tape on letter sheet from POW in Tatura camp to bookseller in Sydney. Opened through tape on back £15.00
45 AUSTRALIA - GB 1940 (Feb 5) Plain envelope by AIRMAIL to Tunbridge Wells bearing Lyre Bird 1/- + Queen Elizabeth pair 1d + GV1 pair 2d making 1/6 rate tied GPO Sydney / Air cds & with red on white Opened By Censor / 2 dot label tied unframed violet Passed by Censor / S.4 hand stamp. Attractive& very visual item flown on the Empire route that was terminated shortly afterwards on 10 June [2218] £6.00
46 AUSTRALIA WWII District 3 censor on stamp packet envelope without postage or postmark, sent inside another cover, thus a sub-cover. Sub-covers are rare £30.00
47 AUSTRALIA-US 1943 Travellers' censorship. Cover with Australian postage postmarked San Francisco, with Australian Customs Melbourne and SF Referred by Customs back stamps and SF TC unit censor tape More More £35.00
48 BELGIUM - GB 1940 (Apr 15) Belgium 1f Stationary postcard to Hagen cancelled St Genesius-Rode cds with message written in English & with red circular Obercommando der Wehrmacht / Eagle Swastika / Gepruft (Riemer C-2) & violet 3 within small frame hand stamps. Interesting item written in English less than one month before the Germans invaded and occupied the low countries [1736] £8.00
49 BELGIUM - GB 1945 (Aug 1) Association Belge de Photographie et de Cinematographie printed envelope to Focal Press, London bearing 1.75 f tied Etterbekk 3 cds & with green on brown re-sealing label tied black 121 within circle [1732] £6.00
50 BELGIUM - US 1945 (June) Belgian and US censor and GB OAT handstamps on postcard from an Auschwitz survivor to the World Jewish Congress, seeking information about her husband and children More £50.00
51 BERMUDA - GB 1941/46 Registered cover from France to US with #4394 PC 90 tape (Bermuda), GB RELEASED handstamp and NYPO Held etc. handstamp. Back stamped NY March 5 More £45.00
52 BERMUDA 1941 (April) Manuscript censor on postcard from Portugal to Chicago. Per the CCSG catalogue "A number of examples of manuscript censorship are known all with the prefix 'P.C. 90' followed by a number. Some examples, also have the letters 'I.C.' those seen have predominantly been on postcards sent from Switzerland. Numbers known are- 351, 1361, 1534, 1897, 4628, 4629, 5175, 7629. E.K.D. 17 June 1942 L.K.D. 12 August 1942."  This card is not among those recorded there, is a very early usage, and is additionally remarkable for not being from Switzerland £40.00
53 BOLIVIA Instructional marking (Write in Spanish clearly and typed) on cover from Cochabamba to Palestine, with Palestine censor tape as well. The only marking of its kind that I have seen £20.00
54 BOLIVIA-COLOMBIA-US 1942 (Jan) Early San Antonio censor on cover from Bolivia, back stamped USPA Cali, Colombia. (Registry back stamps of Miami and Long Beach. Lack of the SA registry back stamp is consistent with Paul Ammons's report in the CZ Philatelist that he had not seen any SA back stamps on CZ mail censored there.) The USPA Cali worked mails from 2 Sept. 1940 through 24 Jan. 1942, closing on 31 Jan., and US censorship began in mid-December, 1941, so a very small window for US censorship on such mail More More More £30.00
55 BOLIVIA - GB 1942 (Sep 24) Plain envelope by REGISTERED AIRMAIL to Berkhamsted, Herts bearing Rat pair 75 cts + San Francisco Lapaz pair 2 Bs + singles of 1810-1940 Union Paz 10 cts + Condor 2 Bs + Virgen de Copacabana 5 Bs + triangle Sun Rays from Chalice 10 Bs making total high rate of 22.60 Bs tied smudged cds & with Correos de Bolivia / R / No 4813 registration label & with partial PC 90 / Opened By / Examiner label imprinted 51-929-W & S & with on reverse oval London (13 Oct) arrival date stamp. Only one half PC90 label remains most of portion with Examiner number has gone [1659] £5.00
56 BRAZIL - GB 1944 (Nov 29) Printed airmail envelope to Simon de Bruyn Juneir, Royal Netherlands Forces, Po. Box 237, London E.C. 1 (This was the UNDERCOVER ADDRESS FOR THE FREE DUTCH FORCES fighting with the allies) bearing 5000 reis in combination with red 400 reis meter cancel that ties adhesive & double censored with ABERTA PELA CENSURA labels tied violet split box S.P. 411 of Sao Pauloo & again on arrival with PC 90 continuous Crowns OPENED BY EXAMINER 9270. A interesting item of Undercover mail from an unusual origin [2187] £45.00
57 BRAZIL - GB 1944 -45 Esven Lucas Bols Ltd printed airmail envelope with vertical fold to fit breast shirt pocket to Simon de Bruyn, Irene Brigade" Post Office Box 237, London E.C. 1 bearing Brazil 10$00 & 500 r tied poor San Paulo cds & with ABERTA PELA CENSURA label tied violet divided box D.F. / 99 & on opposite side PC 90 OPENED BY / EXAMINER 1253 label imprinted 51-1478 - G.W.D. P.O. Box 237 was the UNDERCOVER ADDRESS to forward mails to the FREE DUTCH ARMY fighting with the Allies. [2178] £20.00
58 BRAZIL-CANADA 1941 Canadian Int. Op. and civil censors on cover to Rolf E Jessen, Camp N. This camp housed German refugees (mainly Jews, but with a few Nazis which complicated life for everyone) transported from GB More £25.00
59 BRAZIL-US WWII Stampless cover with Brazilian and US censor tapes. The US tape and number handstamp conform to the Office of Censorship instructions on how to handle sub-covers (i.e., mail enclosed in other mail), so it would appear that this was contained a pouch of mail that Duperial in Brazil sent to Dupont in the US. Scarce £20.00
60 BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS - NEW ZEALAND 1944 (Aug 18) Plain stampless envelope to Wellington from NZ413575 F/O McDonald cancelled partial RNZAF /C / NZAPO cds allocated to 55 NZ RADAR UNIT between 13 Aug 43 to 12 Oct 45 & with framed violet Censored / RNZAF tied manuscript Censored by Signature F/O, RNZAR [1940] £16.00
61 BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS 1940 Local censor handstamp on Schooner Yankee cover mailed from Gizo url=]More[/url] £25.00
62 BURMA - INDIA RAF 1945 (Aug 23) Plain stampless envelope to Rev Alyatt, Air Command S.E.A., c/o Base HQ, RAF Calcutta cancelled faint but readable RAF Post / 179 cds located at Rangoon & with violet faint RAF / CENSOR / 17 (type R17) partly overlaid by PC 90 / OPENED BY EXAMINER label tied violet lozenge Crown / PASSED / DHZ 3 hand stamp [2203] £12.00
63 CANADA 1943/45 CPC Ottawa date stamp on back of 1943 cover from Ecuador to a stamp company in Alberta. Original examiner tape partly removed and covered by new part-tape. Canada Postal Censorship did not use Condemned and “Released” handstamps on mail held during the war. Very scarce More £40.00
64 CANADA-US 1942/45 Cover airmailed from Canada in Dec. 1942, released by SF censor in September 1945 with B&M S6.1.2 handstamp (150 points) More £15.00
65 CANADA - AUSTRALIA 1942 (Aug 12) Plain envelope with horizontal fold 37mm from bottom to Harris Park, N.S.W. from Aus 420455 LAC G.J. Brown, R.A.A.F. c/o Base Post Office, Ottawa bearing GV1 3d tied Montreal P.Q. machine date stamp [2180] £10.00
66 CANAL ZONE - USA 1942(Feb 10) Pre addressed envelope to Northwestern National Life Insurance Co, Minneapolis bearing Canal Zone 3c tied Pedro Miguel / C.Z. duplex d/s & with black on white Examined By / 2004 label applied in New Orleans [2199] £8.00
67 CEYLON - GB 1940 (Jun 22) Plain envelope to Southsea bearing 15ctied China Bay cds & with SCARCER red circular Crown PASSED BY R.A.F. CENSOR No 88 hand stamp type R1 & with red ink censoring officers signature below [2213] £20.00
68 CHINA-HONG-KONG-US 1941 Very scarce handstamp (now 7 recorded per Jan. 18 CCSG Bulletin, this being the only one on mail from China). Airmail from Chungking to Hong Kong, then onward by boat More £120.00
69 CURACAO - GB 1941 (Sep 3 & 27) Pair AIRMAIL envelopes to Falmouth or Bodmin bearing pair & single Curacao 20 cents or 25c & 35c both tied Curacao / Willemstad cds & with red unframed GEZIEN / CURACAO / CENSUUR or violet triangular NIET GEOPEND / DOOR CENSUUR / CURACAO with Arms in centre hand stamps & both with PC 90 OPENED BY EXAMINER 3017 or 1517 respectively. Nice pair to different towns in Cornwall during Sept. 42 showing different censorship markings [2214] £10.00
70 EGYPT - SOUTH AFRICA 1941 (Jul 2) Plain stampless envelope to Johannesburg cancelled unusually in violet APO - U - MPK / 28 cds located at Port Tewfik & with framed bi-lingual PASSED BY CENSOR / M.F.F. No 69 U.D.F. handstamp [1960] £5.00
71 EGYPT - SOUTH AFRICAN FORCES 1941 (Dec 8) Plain envelope with some foxing to Barclays Bank, Alexandria cancelled APO - U - MPK / 36 cds & with framed bi-lingual Passed By Censor / MFF No 219 UDF & dirty green/blue oval Deputy Chief Field Censor handstamps & on reverse Alexandria (1 Jan 42) arrival date stamp APO 36 was located at EL ALAMEIN at this time, prior to the 1st battle that took place 1 - 27 July 1942 [1949] £8.00
72 EGYPT - SOUTH AFRICA 1941 (Dec 29) Plain envelope by airmail to East London bearing 6d & 4d tied APO - U - MPK / 35 cds located at Amiriya & with violet framed bi-lingual Passed By Censor / MFF No 244 UDF handstamp [1957] £16.00
73 EGYPT - SOUTH AFRICA 1944 (Aug 18) Plain atampless envelope to Rondebosch, Capetown & REDIRECTED to Bloemfontein then again to Mowbray, Capetown cancelled Egypt Postage Prepaid 89 cds & with blue Crown over Shield Passed By Censor No 1675 & Capetown (11 Nov) & Bloemfontein (18 Nov) Spend less Save More slogan transit date stamps. Unusual almost 3 month transit from Cairo to Capetown [1943] £8.00
74 EGYPT - FEMALE ITALIAN CIVIL INTERNEE 1945 (Apr 23) Plain envelope roughly opened at bottom & stained on reverse to Port Said from Andrea Gonzales F4790, Internato Civile Italiano, Campo Ospedale, Geneifa bearing 6 mills tied Alexandria cds & with blue on buff bi-lingual Opened By censor / Egyptian Censorship label & blue six sided bi-lingual Postal Censor. Tatty item but unusual from female [1830] £20.00
75 EGYPT - NEW ZEALAND Plain (5) or YMCA (5) stampless censored envelopes (9) plus one bearing NZ 3d to various places within NZ & all cancelled various M.P.O. / K.W cds. 10 items some with faults but mainly fine [1967] £10.00
76 ERITREA - SOUTH AFRICA 1944 (Jan 12) Barclay's Bank, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) overstruck violet Asmara hand stamp printed envelope REGISTERED to Barclay's Bank, Pretoria bearing GB GV1 1/- + 5d + 2½d & 1d all overprinted M.E.F. making 1/8½d rate tied Asmara cds & with corner marginal R /829 label with Asmara C inserted, violet circular = O = (CCSG V1A) & Enclosures Certified to be Official Bank Mail Only & on reverse Asmara (12 Jan) despatch cds [1890] £12.00
77 FRANCE - SOLDIER TO SOLDIER MAIL DURING PHONEY WAR 1939 (Oct 2) Des Armees Allies showing Flags of 3 Allies printed stampless card to soldier with telegraph Company at Secteur Postal 200 from another at Secteur Postal 39 cancelled Postal aux Armees (4 Oct) cds. The Phoney War was the period between declaration of war in September 1939 & the German invasion of the low countries in May 1940 when war became a harsh reality, mail from this early period is surprising difficult to locate [1964] £15.00
78 FRANCE 1940 (Feb 4) Carte Postale Militaire printed stampless French Military postcard with coloured Allied flags to soldier 44 RAC, 14th Batterie, 5th Groupe Secteur Postal 39 from another soldier 44 RAC, 3rd Batterie Secteur Postal 39 cancelled Poste Aux Armees cds. Nice example of mail within same Secteur [1668] £7.00
79 FRANCE 1940 (Feb 18) Depot 31 Service Militaire printed stationary stampless envelope to Armee Britannique at Bolbec cancelled Le Havre, Seine-Inferieure Des Paquebot date stamp & with violet circular Depot D'Infanterie No 31 / Arms / Commandant hand stamp. Nice item from early days between French & British forces [1665] £10.00
80 FRANCE - FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION 1940 (Jul 7) Carte-Lettre Militaire printed stampless French Military letter sheet with Allied flags to Calvados cancelled Legion Etrangers / Vaguemestre D'Etapes hand stamp from 96748 Max Katzlberger [1667] £12.00
81 FRANCE - GB 1941 (Mar 26) Airmail envelope with PAR AVION deleted in blue ink toWalter Dusclunsky c/o Mrs Marr, 45 Frederick St., Dundee bearing pair 1f & single 1.50f tied Montpellier / Herault date stamp & with black on white "Controle" label tied pointed oval Ouvert / WK 2 / Par Autorites de Controle hand stamp & with on reverse black F within double circle hand stamp [1617] £10.00
82 FRANCE - GB 1942 (Mar 13) France Petain 1.20f Stationary post card UPRATED with additional strip 3 x Petain 1f to Horsham, Sussex & forwarded to 2000090 Cpl H. F. Hawes W.A.A.F. Granville Hotel, Toftland Bay, I.O.W. tied Sorbets cds & with violet lozenge Crown / Passed / P.102 hand stamp alongside Horsham / Sussex (15 May) cds for redirection. Interesting item to serving W.A.A..F. from Vichy France [2224] £16.00
83 FRANCE - GERMANY 1942 (Oct 13) France Petain 1.20f Stationary post card UPRATED with additional Petain 1.20f to Berlin tied Paris date stamp & with red circular Gepruft / Eagle Swastika / Obercommando der Wehrmacht hand stamp & 4 x small violet boxed 410 & 393 & 350 & 302 plus tiny red unframed Ar censor hand stamps [2225] £6.00
84 FRANCE - SWITZERLAND 1942 (Nov 9) Plain envelope to Red Cross Agency for POW's in Geneva bearing Petain 4f tied Fresnoy-le-Luat / Oise cds & with Plain brown resealing label tied red Geoffnet / OKW /(e) ( Riemer E - 23) & with on reverse tiny violet framed 416 [1827] £12.00
85 FREE FRENCH FORCES MILITARY MAIL to POLICE 1944 (Dec 9) Plain stampless envelope to G. Bene, Gendarmerie de Tourville - sur -Eure from soldier 1st Batallon at Caserne Eurmot, cancelled Bourges / Cher cds with alongside violet circular Compagne de Oreux / Cross of Lorraine /F.F.L. / Le Vaguemestre hand stamp [1669] £10.00
86 FRANCE - GB 1945 (Mar 5) Black edged MOURNING envelope with scuffed & damaged censor label left side to Monsieur Pierre ole Noirandola, Royal Netherlands Brigade "Prinses Irene" P.O Box 237, London E.C. 1 bearing France Liberation 4f tied Bordeaux wavy line machine cancel & with CONTROLE label tied green SCARCER pointed oval OUVERT PARLES / P.Am / AUTORITES DE CONTROLE & on reverse black 259 within 20mm circle. P.O. Box 237 was the UNDERCOVER ADDRESS to forward mails to the Free Dutch Army fighting with the Allies & Mourning covers are not often seen from WW2 [2179] £35.00
87 FRANCE - AUSTRALIA 1945 (Apr 9) Plain envelope to Messrs. P.J. Doyle Wines & Spirits Pty. Ltd., Cairns multi franked with one 10c damaged to 4f tied Cognac Charente cds & with CONTROLE label tied green pointed oval OUVERT PARLES / P.A.Y. / AUTORITE DE CONTROLE with on opposite side red on white 1.OPENED BY CENSOR label in 2 opposing lines tied violet framed 1 / PASSED BY CENSOR / 64 with broken lines to frame (Not listed by Little) & on reverse plain white label closing flap tied green 171 within 20mm circle & unframed violet 25 June 1945 arrival [2182] £12.00
88 FRANCE – BERMUDA 1940/1950 Manuscript Verife registered cover from France to US with PRIZE COURT handstamp on back. Resealed at left with what looks like medical tape with tear on front along part of the tape More £85.00
89 FRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA 1942 Faint Commission A (Brazzaville, Middle Congo) and Commission E (Bangui, Chad) handstamps on cover from Bangui to US, with US censor tape. Unusual double censorship. Weak strikes are the norm during this period. Cover with clean vertical fold £12.00
90 FRENCH GUIANA 1944 Local and US censors on airmail cover with Cayenne France Libre postmark. Note A2 and A4 examiner back stamps More £30.00
91 GERMANY ca. 1942 Manuscript “leeres Couvert” on small bit of paper stuck under censor tape and struck with examiner number. This appears to be a bi-lingual message (all German would be leeres kuvert = empty envelope). Nothing on back. Unlisted in Landsmann and the only one I have seen More £100.00
92 GERMANY - DENMARK 1945 (19 April) Landsmann Ty. KP3.1 handstamp on FDC from Copenhagen to Sweden (Copenhagen was not liberated until 5 May) £10.00
93 GERMANY-CZECHOSLOVAKIA-LIECHTENSTEIN 1941 Frankfurt machine censor and the mysterious R handstamp typically found on printed matter, on unsealed cover from Vaduz to Prag £20.00
94 GERMANY - BULGARIA 1940 (Feb 7) Apex, Apothekerwaren-Export printed envelope by AIMAIL to Sofia bearing Hindenburg Pair 5pf & 25pf tied Hamburg roller date stamp & with Obercommando der Wehrmacht /. . . . . / Geoffnet label (Riemer G-51) tied by Sofia (15 Feb) arrival date stamp [1754] £6.00
95 GERMANY [RESERVE HOSPITAL] 1941 (Jan 24) Stampless picture postcard entitled Dusseldorf- Rheinbrucke cancelled Neuss 1 cds & with red circular Reserve-Lazaretthaup / Eagle Swastika / Briefstempel cachet. Nice card showing bridge over river Rheine [1965] £5.00
96 GERMANY - SWITZERLAND 1945 (Jan 9) Germany 6 pf Hitler head stationary postcard UPRATED with additional Hitler head 5 pf & 4 pf (damaged corner) to Zurich cancelled Gustrow cds & with red circular Gepruft / Eagle Swastika /d / Zensurstelle + blue boxed 7229 or 0 + violet boxed 7175 hand stamps. Two file holes at bottom not affecting any markings [1596] £8.00
97 GREAT BRITAIN 1943 Octagonal T4 censor handstamp on telegram with cover. Telegram has 2 corners clipped from earlier mounting £12.00
98 GB - USA 1940 (Aug 21) Plain envelope with 15mm tear at top centre to Andrews NC endorsed "Newspaper Cuttings" & bearing GB 1d for printed paper rate tied Bromborough / Wirrel, Cheshire cds & with scarce lozenge PASSED BY P.M. with Crown in centre (CCSG 2B2 (PM)) in blue violet. A scarcer mark having CENSOR cut out & only recorded used Jul - 12 Oct 1940 by CCSG as at 2011 [2219] £5.00
99 GB – INDIA with NICE FRANKING 1942 (Jul 19) Plain envelope by AIRMAIL to B.A. Hobson K.S.L.I. attached R.I.A.S.C. c/o Grindley & Co., Bombay & forwarded in red ink 378 Supply Section, c/o 15 A.B.P.O. bearing GB GV1 definitive 7d & 8d tied Chelsea / S.W.3 machine date stamp & with lozenge Crown / Passed / DHC 43 hand stamp in black with on back Bombay GPO (20 Oct) arrival cds. Scarcer & colourful franking making up the 1/3d airmail rate. [1879] £4.00
100 GB - USA 1942 (Nov 23) RAF crested envelope to Eugene Brominski, Detroit probably from a FREE POLISH Airman bearing GB GV1 2½d & ½d tied BLACKED OUT place of origin machine cancel & with PC90 OPENED BY / EXAMINER 795 label [2189] £25.00
101 GB - ALGERIA 1944 (Mar 26) Interesting plain envelope by AIRMAIL to Maurice Eelman, "Picture Post" c/o Tom Dupree, Office of Brit. Rep. with the French Committee of Liberation, Algiers with blue crayon underlining part of the address with the rest scored through in ink & forwarded c/o Direction de la Persse, 63 Rue d' Islay bearing GB GV1 definitive 3d & 1/- tied Cricklewood machine & with Orange on white EXAMINED BY CENSOR P. & C.B. label with blue crayon initials [2190] £25.00
102 GB - FRENCH COMMITTEE of NATIONAL LIBERATION 1944 (Aug 25) Plain envelope with small portion top left gone to Ministry of Labour & National Service, London EC2 bearing GB 2½d tied London S.W. 1 Post Early in the Day slogan & with violet circular C.F.L.N. / Delegation de Londres / Direction / Secretariat / Services with manuscript 4878 inserted. C.F.L. N. was the French Committee of National Liberation Provisional Government of Free France set up 3 June 1943 see ... Liberation [1722] £15.00
103 GB - IRELAND 1944 GB 5½d REGISTERED stationary envelope to Holywood, Co. Down cancelled York cds & with R / York 5 / No 8981 registered label & with part PC 90 continuous Crowns / Opened By / Examiner label with number gone & green on white PC 23 / RETURNED TO SENDER /By the Censor / For Reason Explained in / Memorandum Enclosed / in this Cover. No memorandum is present [1726] £5.00
104 GB - RUSSIA Diplomatic bag to Miss Lilian M, Godwin, British Embassy, Moscow, U.S.S.R bearing GB GV1 definitive 2½d tied Reading, Berks, machine date stamp to pay domestic postage rate & with violet lozenge Crown over PASSED P. 211 hand stamp. Very unusual item from Reading to be sent via diplomatic bag [2185] £80.00
105 GB – RUSSIA - DIPLOMATIC BAG 1945 (May 1) Plain envelope 194 x 128mm endorsed By Bag c/o Foreign Office, London S.W.1 for carriage by diplomatic bag to Miss Lilian M, Godwin, British Embassy, Moscow, U.S.S.R bearing GB GV1 definitive 2d & ½d tied Reading, Berks, machine date stamp to pay domestic postage rate & with violet lozenge Crown over PASSED P. 211 hand stamp. Very unusual item from Reading to be sent via diplomatic bag [2186] £80.00
106 HAITI - JAMAICA [INTER ISLAND MAIL] 1942 (Feb 18) Plain envelope registered to Convent of Mercy Academy "Alpha" Kingston endorsed Par Avion & bearing Chapelle de Christophe Milot 2 x 50c & Interamerican Congress 25c tied Cap Haitian//R duplex & with red crayon manuscript B above ink 2 over 203 alongside pencil 4250 plus Sous-Secretariat D'états / A L'Information et a la Police Generale / Ouvert Par la Censure label tied large mauve circular Republique D'Haiti / Informations et Police Generale hand stamp & on reverse Port Au Prince (19 Feb) transit & oval Kingston-Jamaica/Registered (23 Feb) arrival date stamps [2226] £20.00
107 IRELAND - GB 1940 - 1942 Group 4 plain envelopes to various parts of UK from Luimneath, Gill Garbath or Baile Atha Cliath (2) franked at 2½d rate or Meter cancelled at 2d. All censored 3 on arrival in UK other in Ireland. Neat little group 4 items [2208] £10.00
108 ITALY - SOUTH AFRICA 1945 (Feb 8) A.F. W3078 Active Service Privilege envelope imprinted J.D. & Co. Apsley by airmail to Que Que bearing War Economy half size 2 x 3d & single 4d tied APO - U - MPK cds & with violet Crown over circular Passed By Censor / No 8524 handstamp [1942] £5.00
109 JAMAICA-US 1945 Cover from Jamaica stamp dealer, examined by philatelic unit of the Office of Censorship in NY, then passed to the NY office of the Customs Service which re-opened and examined it. Nice clear sequence of events established by order in which the tapes and handstamp were applied £20.00
110 JAMAICA - USA 1942 (May 14) Plain stampless envelope to Buffalo N.Y. from Italian POW 563 Filiberto Luzzi. Internment Camp Jamaica with violet oval Internment & P. of W. Camp / 14 May 1942 / Jamaica & with on face lozenge Crown / Passed / D 7 [1831] £15.00
111 JAMAICA from USA or OUTGOING to UK 1943 (Mar & Nov) Pair Bank of Nova Scotia, New York printed envelopes to Constant Spring bearing USA Win the War 3c + Defence 2c & double censored with transparent Examined By / 6259 tape with on opposite side PC90 Opened By / Examiner I.D. 8839 (CCSG L-12) label or bearing 5c Prexie (damaged) & with PC90 Opened By / Examiner D/ with blue 4526 hand stamp (CCSG L-8) & both with Constant Spring (6 Jan 44) or (17 Apr) arrival cds on reverse. Other is airmail to UK bearing pair Jamaica 4d tied double circle Kingston cds & with PC90 Opened By / Examiner I.D. 8829 (CCSG L-12) label. Nice trio [2209] £9.00
112 JAPAN-MALAYA 1943 Singapore censor handstamp and instructional marking in English (!) on postal card; nothing on back. This handstamp has not been recorded previously used by the British censors in Malaya, so the use of English by the Japanese is at least curious. Fake? More £100.00
113 KENYA - SOUTH AFRICA 1941 (Jan 4) Plain stampless envelope to Port Elizabeth cancelled APO - U - MPK / 2 cds located Nairobi & with violet framed bi-lingual PASSED BY CENSOR / M.F.F. No 49 U.D.F. handstamp [1959] £5.00
114 MALAYA - AUSTRALIA 1940 (Aug 15) F. B. Vodak, Roth & Co, Singapore printed envelope badly opened on back to F.B. Vodak office in Melbourne bearing Malaya GV1 single 8c tied Singapore F cds & with Plain Brown resealing label tied violet Passed By Censor Singapore cannot read censor number [2184] £5.00
115 MALTA - AUSTRALIA 1941 Plain envelope roughly opened at top & with coffee stain? top left by airmail to Perth & redirected to North Lawley bearing Malta 3d & 1/- tied Sydney slogan (28 Jan) & with violet Tombstone From H.M. Ship Passed by Censor with manuscript initials inserted [2183] £8.00
116 MEXICO - GB 1944 (Dec 8) Plain envelope to Dobson & Barlow Ltd., Bolton bearing Mexico 2c + 1c + 5c tied indistinct cds & with violet lozenge Crown / Passed / T.P. 21 (CCSG H2D) hand stamp with blue crayon initials inserted [2227] £5.00
117 MEXICO-US-BRAZIL 1944-44 Surface mail cover from Mexico Nov. 1943 to Brazil (received March 1944), routed through San Antonio as evidenced by the censor handstamp (B&M C11.3). Weird routing; no explanation for the long transit time £15.00
118 NEW CALEDONIA - INTERNAL MAIL from SMALLER TOWNS 1944 Group 6 envelopes all to a pharmacy in Noumea bearing a variety of issues tied Pouembout, Arama, Poya, Poum, Kone or La Foa / Nouvelle Caledonei cds & all with violet circular various numbered Censure Alliee / Nouvelle Caledonie hand stamps (some weak) & all with arrival cds on reverse. A scarce group the Le Foa with one lost adhesive [1855] £60.00
119 NEW CALEDONIA - FREE FRENCH LOCAL MAIL stampless envelope with unclear cds used within Noumea with large violet framed France / Libre / Noumea / Nouvelle Caledonie with Cross of Lorraine above large V in centre plus circular Nouvelle Caledonie et Dependances hand stamps. New Caledonia sided with the Free French from 19 June 1940 [1944] £60.00
120 NEWFOUNDLAND - GB [TAX MARKING] 1943 (Nov 20) Bank of Montreal printed AIRMAIL envelope to Bank of Montreal, London bearing Airmail 7c tied St. Johns / Newfoundland slogan date stamp overlaid by another strike for 22 Nov after release from censorship & with pencil manuscript T 1/230 (not collected) plus PC 90 / Opened By Examiner / DC 24 label. Interesting [1562] £5.00
121 NEW ZEALAND - GB 1942 (Aug 5) Plain envelope together with letter to J. S. Bambery c/o N.Z. House, 415 Strand, London WC2 & FORWARDED to 99 Barrowgate Road, Chiswick W4 bearing Maori carved house 2d tied Waitati (6 Aug) cds & with Opened By Censor in New Zealand label tied circular Passed By Censor N.Z. / 159 hand stamp in violet & with London W.C. / D (19 Sep) transit machine date stamp. Mail to Commonwealth Military personnel was not permitted with an open military address for security purposes, it had to send via the Consulate or Embassy for forwarding. This is unusual in that it is forwarded to a seemingly civilian address & who appears to have moved about [2207] £20.00
122 NEW ZEALAND - GB 1942 (Dec 20) Plain envelope together with letter to J. S. Bambery c/o N.Z. House, 415 Strand, London WC2 & forwarded to 99 Barrowgate Road, Chiswick W4 bearing Maori carved house 2d tied Waitati (21 Dec) cds & with Opened By Censor in New Zealand label tied circular Passed By Censor N.Z. / 65 hand stamp in violet & with on back London E.C. / C (11 Feb) transit machine date stamp. Mail to Commonwealth Military personnel was not permitted with an open military address for security purposes, it had to send via the Consulate or Embassy for forwarding. This is unusual in that it is forwarded to a seemingly civilian address & who appears to have moved about [2206] £20.00
123 NEW ZEALAND - GB 1944 (Mar 26) Plain envelope together with letter to J. S. Bambery c/o N.Z. House, 316 The Square, London WC2 & forwarded to 14 Chiswick Lane, Chiswick W4 bearing Maori carved house 2d tied Dunedin (27 Mar) slogan machine date stamp & with PC 90 / Opened By Examiner / D.D.A. 173 label + London W.C. / D (16 May) transit machine date stamp. Mail to Commonwealth Military personnel was not permitted with an open military address for security purposes, it had to send via the Consulate or Embassy for forwarding. This is unusual in that it is forwarded to a seemingly civilian address & he seems to have moved about [2205] £20.00
124 NORTH BORNEO 1940 Local handstamp on incoming cover to Sandakan £35.00
125 NORTHERN RHODESIA - USA 1941 (Jun 14) Plain envelope with 10 mm tear centrally at top to Chicago bearing 1d & 2d tied Balovale cds & with black triangular PASSED BY CENSOR 8 (CCSG Ia] hand stamp & with on reverse another strike of the censor hand stamp. Scarce item from Balovale an isolated smaller place in the extreme North West corner of Northern Rhodesia bounded by Portuguese West Africa (Angola) [2204] £25.00
126 NORWAY - USA 1940 (May 18) Plain envelope to Hollywood CA bearing Norway Rampant Lions 3 c 10 ore tied Oslo / Bruk Dronning Maud Merker slogan date stamp & with Geoffnet / Obercommando der Wehrmacht . . . . . Eagle Swastika label (Riemer B-54) tied red circular Obercommando der Wehrmacht /Eagle Swastika / Briefstempel - Geoffnet hand stamp (Riemer B-2a). Scarcer German censorship [1811] £6.00
127 NYASALAND 1941 CCSG Ty 1 Handstamp (£2) tying Ty. IIA tape on cover from Blantyre to US £8.00
128 PANAMA-US-GB 1943 Miami censor tape used in lieu of handstamp on registered postal card from Panama to GB. Message suggests that Levy was a Jewish refugee who made it to Panama in 1939. Small scuffs on back. Face is quite attractive More £20.00
129 PHILIPPINE Is - USA 1945 (Jun 1) Plain envelope to Chicago & forwarded locally on arrival bearing 6c Overprinted Victory / Commonwealth tied Manila date stamp & with transparent OPENED BY / MIL. CEN.-CIVIL MAILS tape tied by violet C.C.D.-357 / Shield hand stamp used by USA OCCUPATION FORCES & on reverse Chicago (15 Jun) arrival date stamp [1676] £15.00
130 PORTUGAL - GB 1941 (Jul 2) Plain stampless envelope to GREEK MERCHANT SHIPPING Co. in Johannesburg cancelled unusually in violet APO - U - MPK / 28 cds located at Port Tewfik & with framed bi-lingual PASSED BY CENSOR / M.F.F. No 69 U.D.F. handstamp [1941] £20.00
131 RUSSIA 1943 Kazan censor handstamp on postal card to Leningrad, which had been cut off from September 1941 until 18 January 1943 when Soviet forces opened a land route to the city except for the “Road of Life” (not likely used for personal mail given the number of starving people and need for medicines and munitions in Leningrad at the time) across frozen Lake Ladoga in the winter months. Message dated February 1943, Leningrad receiving postmark 5 weeks later £15.00
132 ST HELENA 1944 Local tape on cover to US, also censored in GB More £120.00
133 SOUTH AFRICA - USA 1942 (Jan 12) Plain envelope to Philadelphia PA bearing horizontal pair Airman 1½d tied Heilbron cds & with red on white bi-lingual UC8 (Large) Opened By / Censor label [2192] £6.00
134 SOUTH AFRICA – ITALY 1943 (Apr 15) Italian Corrispondenza di Guerra, P.O.W. 9 stampless printed letter sheet imprinted G. & S. Ltd. C.T. 500M /11 /42 /M7337 to Milan from Italian POW in Camp 7 Block 2 & with violet unframed South African bi-lingual Passed By Censor + crimson Prisoners of War / Union of South Africa & on reverse violet 773 over 1 within circle & black Ufficio Censura Posta Estera / Verificato Per Censura handstamps [1951] £15.00
135 SOUTH AFRICA – USA 1943 (Jun 21) Plain small envelope to Glen Ridge, NJ bearing War Effort Reduced half size 2d & 1d tied Johannesburg /E date stamp & with bi-lingual UC8 (Small) Opened By Censor label tied on reverse by violet Arms B handstamp with alongside patriotic Our Freedom is Secured by the British Navy help the Navy League War Fund label [1962] £18.00
136 SOUTHERN RHODESIA 1944 Local censor on airmail cover to US. Local patriotic label tied by Bulawayo cancel More More £30.00
137 SWEDEN-GERMANY-BERMUDA 1941 Unusual use of glassine tape to repair slice in front of cover made by the Berlin censor when opening the cover from the back. Such slice-through are rarely encountered. Cover mailed Stockholm on 8 December, so likely some of the last Swedish mail to go through Germany to the US as the Germans declared war on 11 December. Also censored in Bermuda More £25.00
138 SWITZERLAND - GB 1940 (May 2) Plain envelope to Cambridge University & redirected within faculties bearing Landscapes Viamala Gorge 30c tied Chaux-De-Fonds 1 slogan & with PC 66 / Opened By / Censor / 1902 label. Posted 8 days before Germany invaded and quickly occupied the low countries and France disrupting mail services through what would become occupied territories [1874] £4.00
139 SWITZERLAND - AUSTRALIA 1944 (May 25) Era Watch Co. Ltd., printed envelope with vertical crease via Airmail to Messrs. Bloch & Gerber Pty. Ltd., Sydney bearing Landscapes 2f & 40c tied Bienne cds endorsed via Stuttgart-Lisbon-New York & with Geoffnet / Obercommando der Wehrmacht . . b . . label tied red circular OKW Eagle Swastika + transparent Examined By / 5492 tape overlaid by red on white 2 Opened By Censor label, Scarcer triple censored by Germans, USA & Australians [2181] £35.00
140 SWITZERLAND - GERMANY 1944 (Sep 4) Plain envelope Registered to Dusseldorf bearing 25th Anniv. of National Air Post 10c + 20c + 30c tied Winterthur cds & with matching Registration label No 284, Geoffnet / Obercommando der Wehrmacht / . . d. . Label tied red circular Eagle Swastika hand stamp & with red boxed 2175 + red unframed L & blue unframed W hand stamps with on reverse Dusseldorf (12 Sep) arrival cds [1703] £8.00
141 SWITZERLAND - IRELAND 1945 (Apr 28) Official Volkswirtschaftsdepartment window envelope with piece gone top left c/o "S.S. Christina" bearing historical Oath of Union 50c Overprinted Officiel tied Berne 1 cds & with PC90 continuous Crowns / Opened By / Examiner / 537 label & on opposite side black on pink bi-lingual S.P.1 / Opened By Censor / 123 label & with Baile Atha Cliath (11 May) arrival cds [2200] £10.00
142 SWITZERLAND - IRELAND 1945 (May 14) Airmail envelope with 85% back flap gone to Dublin bearing Air Landscapes 50c tied Fribourg / Perolles cds & with PC 90 continuous Crowns / Opened By / Examiner / 4253 label [2201] £8.00
143 SWITZERLAND - GB 1945 (Jul 20) Pictorial Swiss Council for Higher Education printed 10c Stationary card showing view of Zurich to Cambridge University UPRATED with additional Peace numeral 10c & Mount Pilatus 5c tied Zurich 1 slogan date stamp & with blue lozenge Crown / Passed / T. 130 hand stamp [2202] £10.00
144 THAILAND 1943 Censor handstamp #7 in circle on postal card from Bangkok to a domestic address More £65.00
145 TRIPOLITANIA 1943 CCSG Ty. 1 tape on registered cover from Tripoli to Tripoli. The tape shows definite doubling of the PC 66 and NER in EXAMINER More More £25.00
146 TRINIDAD 1942 Staples through censor tape on registered airmail cover from Mexico to Brazil. Trinidad had a wax seal censor device that was used until about the time this cover was sent. Why the censor switched to staples for extra security is not known. Perhaps they ran out of sealing wax? More £25.00
147 TUNISIA-FRANCE 1945 Cover from Italian civil internee in Mareth, (faint green camp censor handstamp), with Lyon civil censor, to Red Cross in Switzerland More More £25.00
148 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1941/42 The rare San Francisco RTS by Direction ICB handstamp on cover to Japan, mailed 29 Nov 1941, docketed received back 24Feb 1942. Given the timing, it is most likely that this cover was already on a ship which turned around when Pearl Harbor was attacked More £70.00
149 US 1941 (Dec) Very early Puerto Rico tape, with PICTORIAL added in manuscript, on airmail cover from Argentina to US. The only one I have seen More £40.00
150 US 1942 Pair of covers showing that licenses were a necessary but not always sufficient requirement to get a cover with content subject to export controls through censorship. The Haseltine, Lake & Co. Return to Sender cover was addressed to Lyon, France, and has a faint Held by the Office of Censorship handstamp and a Sept. 12, 1945 NY back stamp. Haseltine, Lake & Co. were a law firm, Haseltine being a patent agent for certain French firms. Elluin & Barnay appear to have been a firm that had at least some interest in small arms design and/or production. The timing of this cover may have been significant. Operation Torch, the invasion of French North Africa (landings began Nov 8) was already underway, the first convoys having left England on 2 October. Very unusual thus £30.00
151 US 1943 Etsuo Sayama patriotic cover with enclosure form used to reseal. Contains Sayama's promotional literature. Sayama sent many of his patriotic covers unsealed, and the Honolulu censors usually put the enclosure form inside before resealing the cover. An exceptional usage More More £40.00
152 US ca. 1944 B&M C14.3, (very scarce; 200 points) on undated wrapper to Mexico £12.00
153 US-SEYCHELLES 1945-46 LA examiner 55147 handstamp on plain brown tape, on cover from Seychelles clearly postmarked March 1946, 5 months after the end of US civil censorship. The tape is consistent with Office of Censorship instructions on how to treat sub-covers (covers sent inside other covers). This fits the scenario of a sub-cover mailed to the Seychelles prior to mid-August 1945 in an effort to obtain a Seychelles postmark, with the cover being returned as requested after the war (with the addressee having moved in the interim). As unusual a sub-cover as exists More More £45.00
154 USA - ALASKA 1942 (Aug 3) Plain airmail envelope to Ketchikon bearing Transport 6c tied Ramsey N.J. date stamp & with Plain Brown re-sealing label tied green circular US Censorship / Examined / By / V.V. hand stamp with manuscript 1395 inserted. Attractive & Scarce [2198] £12.00
155 USA - PUERTO RICO 1943 (Aug 28) Plain envelope to Ponce, Peurto Rico bearing For Defence 1c & Win the War strip 3 x 3c tied Cleveland / Ohio duplex 11 & with 111 Centenaire de Montreal / Societe De Saint-Jean-Baptiste 1642-1942 label & black on white Examined By / 4124 label [1697] £10.00
156 USA - GB 1943 Pair Blidberg Rothechild Co. Inc., 80 Broad Street, censored envelopes both with faults by airmail to Messrs, Greek Shipping Committee, 71 Park Street, London bearing damaged Prexie 30c tied New York N.Y. / Church Street Annex (5 Jun) & another to same address bearing nice Prexie strip 4 x 30c tied New York N.Y. / Sta P duplex (6 Aug) & both with PC 90 Opened By / Examiner 1340 labels. Greek Shipping Committee, 71 Park Street, London W.1 was the London office of Messrs. George Nicolaou Ltd. London W.1., housed Allied Governments in Exile and many other Covert offices, Agencies & Secret entities using undercover addresses with these showing mail connected to the exiled Greek government who provided the use of the Greek Merchant Shipping Lines & Agencies for the Allied war effort during the occupation of Greece [1966] £25.00
157 USA - HOLLAND 1944 (Feb 11) W. S. Schupf, 580 Fifth Avenue New York printed envelope to Pvt. Henri Van Der Wieken, Royal Dutch Forces General P.O. Box 237, London E.C. 1 & forwarded to Beantwoord bearing USA Flag of Austria 5c tied New York N.Y. Station G machine date stamp & with red lozenge Crown / PASSED / P.84 hand stamp & with black ink Beantwoord 28/3/44 presumably date of arrival in Holland. P.O. Box 237 was the UNDERCOVER ADDRESS to forward mails to the Free Dutch Army fighting with the allies [2155] £30.00
158 USA - GB 1944 (Dec 7) Printed airmail envelope with heavy vertical fold to fit breast shirt pocket to Corporal D. Vanderkar, Royal Dutch Forces, P.O.B. 237, London E.C. 1 bearing Air Transport 30c tied New York N.Y. Station N duplex & with PC 90 OPENED BY / EXAMINER 1253 label imprinted 51-1478 - G.W.D. P.O. Box 237 was the UNDERCOVER ADDRESS to forward mails to the Free Dutch Army fighting with the Allies [2177] £15.00
159 USA - GB circa 1944 W. S. Schupf, 580 Fifth Avenue printed envelope with a couple of rumples to Pvt. Henri an de Wieken, Royal Dutch Forces, General Post Office P.O. Box 237, London E.C 1 bearing USA Prexie 5c tied partial New York date stamp with year just off & with PC 90 continuous Crowns OPENED BY EXAMINER 1415 label. P.O. Box 237 was the UNDERCOVER ADDRESS for the Free Dutch forces fighting for the Allies [2188] £45.00

160 AUSTRIA - GB 1946 (Oct 10) Plain envelope by airmail to Women's Voluntary Service, London S.W.1 from Miss M.D. Priesber, Allied Emhardt, Linz, Polnich Lazarett (Polish Military Hospital) bearing landscapes 70g & 2s tied Linzidonau cds & with R / Linz (Donau) 1 /299 registration label + transparent OPENED BY / MIL. CEN. - CIVIL MAILS tape + violet circular MILITARY CENSORSHIP / 2944 /CIVIL MAILS hand stamp. Scarcer item to WVS from female at Polish Military Hospital [1655] £12.00
161 AUSTRIA - USA 1948 (Nov 15) Plain envelope by AIRMAIL to German Department, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor bearing costumes 10g + 2s + 1s making rate of 3s10g tied 8 Wien 64 / 6c cds & with Plain brown re sealing label & violet circular Osterreichiscne Zensurstelle / 146 / Z.1 hand stamp [1604] £5.00
162 AUSTRIA - USA 1952 (Feb 19) AIRMAIL envelope to German Department, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor bearing costumes 1.60s + 1.40s + 1.50s making rate of 4.50s tied 7 Wien 62 / 4e cds & with Plain brown re sealing label & violet circular Alliierte Zensurstelle / 142 /Z.1 hand stamp [1605] £5.00
163 BELGIUM - BELGIAN MILITARY POLICE in OCCUPIED GERMANY 1948 (Jan 8) Plain envelope to West Vlaanderen bearing Belgian 1f & 50c tied faint cds from POL 3/58 Noreille Georges, 3rd BELGIUM TRAFFIC CONTROL COY, MILITARY POLICE N" 2282, 5" Section, B.A.O.R. [2191] £20.00
164 CANADA – GERMANY 1947 (Jun 13) Airmail envelope with vertical crease to Berlin bearing GV1 definitive 1c + Canadian Flying Geese 2 x 7c tied Vancouver date stamp & with transparent OPENED BY / CEN. - CIVIL MAILS tape tied black circular U.S. CIVIL CENSORSHIP / Eagle PASSED 30182 /GERMANY hand stamp with on reverse Berlin NW / 7 (28 Jun) arrival cds. Unusual from Canada [2221] £6.00
165 CANADA - ITALY 1964 Pair Printed Canadian Forces Air Letters to Air Weapons Unit RCAF, CAPO 5047 located Decimomanno, Italy bearing Canada Red River Settlement 5c or QE11 Canadian 5c with attached bi-lingual Avoid Loss / Use Postal / Money Orders label tied Edmonton AMF cds (15 Feb) or Toronto AMF / Ont (28 Feb) cds & both having on reverse circular CAPO 5047 hand stamp & CFPO 111 arrival cds. 2 items [2212] £8.00
166 CZECHOSLOVAKIA - GERMANY 1949 (Feb 8) Plain postcard registered to Dresden in RUSSIAN ZONE bearing Lenin 5k + Pres Benes 5k + Child Welfare 1.50k + 1k tied Plzen cds & with R / Plzen / 3128 registration label & black circular CENSURA-CENSOR /PLZEN- MESTO with Arms in centre & red crayon initials. Very unusual censored ingoing mail to Russian Zone [1751] £15.00
167 FRANCE - GERMANY 1947 (Apr 10) Stampless KRIEGSGEFANGENENPOST Correspondance de Prisonniers de Guerre printed letter sheet to Munden in Hanover from German POW Hauptmann Hans Joachim Oors 1100219, Dep 401 Mulsanne Le Mans / Sarthe, France endorsed Engl. Zone & with violet boxed CENSORE / Depot 401 hand stamp of Camp d'Auvours [2215] £12.00
168 FRANCE – USA 1947 (Dec 30) Airmail envelope to Lithuanian newspaper " Dragas", Chicago bearing France 20f & 5f tied Paris-VIII / 49R. La Boetie cds with on reverse framed violet ASSOCIATION LITHUANIENNE / DE BIENFAISANCEE EN FRANCE / 5, Rua de Messine, Paris-8, hand stamp of sender [1922] £7.00
169 GERMANY ALLIED OCCUPATION 1946 (Sep 18) Black & white picture postcard entitled Bad Mergentheim --Karlsquelle Mit Gehzig-Denkmal used from US to RUSSIAN ZONE bearing Numeral 12pf tied Bad Mergentheim cds & with mauve circular US CIVIL CENSORSHIP / Eagle / PASSED 40053 / GERMANY hand stamp [1747] £10.00
170 GERMANY - USA 1948 (Jan 26) Plain envelope to Detroit bearing numeral 2 x 25pf tied Waldheim (Sachs) cds & with on reverse double rimmed Cyrillic blue Soviet Military Censorship / 5313 ([Stich & Stich type 71) [2217] £8.00
171 GREECE - USA 1950 (Jun 12) Printed airmail envelope registered to Springfield Mass. Complete with Letter bearing on reverse 2 x 1000d + 100d + 3000d on 100d Ovptd 1-9-48 making a total rate of 5100d tied vernacular Syoupa ? d/s & with black boxed Registration hand stamp with manuscript 487 inserted & black on white bi-lingual Controle Du Change label tied violet boxed Greek vernacular & on reverse 8 within circle hand stamps & New York [17 Jun] transit & Springfield / Mass [17 Jun] arrival cds [2196] £12.00
172 IRAQ - GB 1962 (Sep 2) Airmail envelope to Export Dept. Dobell's Jazz Record shop, London S.C.2 from British Consulate General, Basra, bearing commemorative 40f & 3f tied Basra date stamp & with on reverse violet triangular Arabic censor hand stamp [1899] £8.00
173 ISRAEL - GB 1950 (Feb 15) I. R. Grunwerg, Import Commission & Representation, Tel Aviv printed airmail envelope to Sheffield bearing 2nd Coin 3 x 5pr + 3pr + 1st Coin 3pr + 15pr + 2nd New year 10pr making 46pr rate tied Tel Aviv cds & with red on white Hebrew vernacular Opened By Censor label [2195] £10.00
174 ITALY – AUSTRIA 1951 (Sep 18) Plain postcard to Wien bearing Tuscany Pottery 5 lira & Definitive 30 lira tied Bologna / Ferrovia slogan date stamp & with violet circular Osterreichiscne Zensurstelle / 161 hand stamp. [1707] £5.00
175 JAPAN 1947 Uncommon Released by Censorship handstamp on cover to the Allied Repatriations Commission £25.00
176 LEBANON - AUSTRIA 1952(Apr 4)J. Honeine & Fils, Beyrouth printed airmail env to Wien bearing pair 20p tied Beyrouth R. P cds & with Plain brown re-sealing label & circular violet Alliierte Zensurstelle / 34 / Z.1 hand stamp. Late use of Allied Censorship from unusual origin [2197] £8.00
177 NEPAL - USA 1945 (Oct 19) crudely printed improvised OHMS envelope Imprinted N. P. - 34 Misc. S.E.3 with vertical creased to Springfield Ohio from Despatcher, British Legation, Nepal bearing India 2a & 1½a tied BRITISH LEGATION / NEPAL date stamp [2216] £9.00
178 SOUTH AFRICA - GERMANY 1946 (Oct 2) Plain envelope by airmail to Berlin bearing 1/3 + Bantams strip 3 x 1d tied Durban slogan date stamp & with OPENED BY / MIL. CEN. - CIVIL MAILS label imprinted PSS.2414. 8.45. 200M tied green circular U.S. CIVIL CENSORSHIP / Eagle PASSED 15259 / GERMANY hand stamp hand stamp & on reverse Berlin NW 7 (8 Oct) arrival cds. Visual & Attractive [2222] £6.00
179 SWEDEN - GERMANY 1946 (Apr 30) Plain envelope with back flap gone to Hamburg bearing pair 5 ore & 2 x 10 ore tied Stockholm 1 cds & with OPENED BY MIL. CEN.-CIVIL MAILS label imprinted PSS.2411. 8.45 2000M tied by violet circular MILITARY CENSORSHIP CIVIL MAILS / 520394 hand stamp with the number enhanced in ink [2223] £5.00
180 TRIPOLITANIA 1947 BMA tape (not handstamp 2 applied before use) on incoming cover from Egypt More £25.00
181 USA 1947(Oct 10) Printed longer Lithuanian American Council envelope used locally by SPECIAL DELIVERY to Dr Kazys Grinius who was involved with resettlement of Displaced Lithuanian persons bearing Prexie 2 x 1½c & single 1c + Roosevelt 3 x 5c + US Army 3c making 22c local rate tied Chicago duplex 4 & with white on red Special Delivery label & unframed violet Special delivery hand stamp & on reverse Chicago / Rec'd [11 Oct] arrival cds. [2211] £8.00

Results of Auction #200, ONLY 5 bidders winning a total of 30 lots
#1 £30.00 #2 £4.00 #5 £3.00 #7 £70.00 #12 £10.00 #13 £10.00 #19 £16.00
#22 £8.00 #23 £12.00 #24 £10.00 #30 £90.00 #31 £20.00 #32 £30.00 #33 £75.00
#35 £20.00 #42 £55.00 #47 £20.00 #54 £16.00 #75 £10.00 #95 £40.00 #96 £45.00
#116 £10.00 #118 £15.00 #119 £20.00 #126 £20.00 #127 £20.00 #129 £30.00 #130 £8.00
#132 £5.00 #133 £12.00
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