Contents and link to the Bulletin

Contents and link to the Bulletin

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Note: The Table of Contents should be viewable by everyone. CCSG members can use this link to view/download the Bulletin
Bulletin 203 July 2019 v2.pdf


Page Title Author Index
81 Library and Membership Notes
84 Query article: 1940 censored cover from France to French Indochina Roger Quinby 3B1-6 & 3D2-1
87 Mail from Palestine to the UK and the USA during Mark Dutton 1939 to 1942 3B1-6
94 Mistakes in the censors’ labels Graham Mark 1A7-4 & 1A6
95 Presentation of works about "British and French Postal and Telegraph Censorship in the context of the blockade during the World War I" Michel Trentadue 1A5-1 & 1A7-1
96 Civil censor wax seals of India Rodney Frost 3D1-6-1
97 Civil censor wax seals of Ceylon Rodney Frost 3D1-4
100 WWII - 1940 - Censorship in Norway before the Germans had control of the whole country Graham Mark 3A28-1
103 “Via Russia” 1940 John Wilson 3A22-1
105 Southern Rhodesia WWII: Triangular Censor Handstamp- Mark Loomis 3B6-1
114 German Occupied Italy (Zara) 1943 (Ebay nuggets) Dann Mayo
115 Pakistan 1965-66 (Ebay nuggets) Dann Mayo 4D11
116 Netherlands WWII (Ebay nuggets) Dann Mayo 3A14
117 Unlisted WW-II US Civil Censorship marking John Hardies 3C9-1
118 Irish “PASSED BY CENSOR” handstamps Karl Winkelmann 3A9-1
120 I have never seen this violet ‘’RELEASED” marking previously Karl Winkelmann 3A9-1
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