Contents and Link to the Bulletin

Contents and Link to the Bulletin

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Note: The Table of Contents should be viewable by everyone. CCSG members can use the link below to view/download the Bulletin

CCSG Bull 205.pdf


Page Title Authors Index
1 Library and Membership Notes Graham Mark
5 Trinidad Examiner 43 John Wilson 3C10-17
6 Trinidad & Tobago Label with Diagonal Lines Peter Burrows 3C10-17
7 St Lucia OBC Label Peter Burrows 3C10-15
8 Grenada Update Peter Burrows 3C10-8
9 Censorship to the Rescue Peter Burrows & Dann Mayo 3C10-14
10 World War II Confiscated Mail in the UK through a Faroese mail lens – Peter Sondheim 3A8-1
17 Member request – Do you have information on WW2 Impounded Mails? Peter Sondheim 3A8-1
18 Misdirected, Confiscated and Captured Censored Mail and the Arab-Israeli conflict Larry Nelson 4B1-1& 4D6-1
23 First Days of Censorship in two World Wars in the UK Graham Mark 1A7-1 & 3A8-1
26 World War II Canadian FECB Authorized Cachets on New York Life Insurance Covers Russel D. Sampson 3C10-18
28 GB WWII – What is Going On Here? Dann Mayo 3A8-1
31 German postal censorship of mail from a French forced labourer in Norway Marc Parren 3A3-6
35 GB Test Censorship of US mail Graham Mark 1A7-1
36 eBay Nuggets - Indonesia 1947 Dann Mayo 4D10
37 An unusual double censorship Graham Mark 1A7-1 & 1A5-1
38 eBay Nuggets - Malaya WWII Dann Mayo 3D1-7
39 A scarce British censor mark Gunnar Jessen 3A8-1
39 eBay Nuggets - Germany Post-WWII Dann Mayo 4A4-1-2
40 eBay Nuggets - A Deceptively Unusual Occurrence Dann Mayo 3A8-1 & 3C9-1
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