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The CCSG caters specifically for collectors interested in civilian mails that have been censored and/or delayed or interrupted in the post during times of war and civil strife. Members include general collectors of censored mails, often with a parallel interest in military or PoW mails, and specialists who focus on a particular country, area or conflict.

The CCSG publishes a quarterly Bulletin covering a wide range of articles on censorship, covering 19th century to date. The Editor welcomes and regularly publishes members’ queries. The CCSG has a library in UK which covers the whole world and all periods, and includes associated topics such as airmail routes in WWII. Books and files can be lent to members in UK (subject to the library rules), but it is impractical and very expensive to send books around the world. However small papers can be lent and moderate copying can be done for overseas members.

Censored cover


Censored cover

The Study Group has sponsored and published several books on censorship. Occasionally, reprints of significant documents are also made available. Some members have published their own titles. Topics covered include a series on censorship throughout the British Empire and occupied territories during WWII, USA and West Africa in both World Wars, The Levant in WWII, and civilian mails and PoW mails during WWI in UK. A full list of titles currently available can be found here.

Meetings have been held in UK occasionally, most recently in connection with the Midpex events in alternate years. In the USA meetings have been organised to coincide with some major APS shows.




A modest stock of back-numbers of the Bulletin are available for sale, £3.00 each (inc postage) if in stock, but a master set is held from which copies can be taken.