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Auction rules

Participation in the auction is restricted to paid up members.

1. All lots are sold as genuine, unless stated otherwise. Any items incorrectly described may be returned within seven days providing they are in the same condition as when despatched. Neither the Auctioneer nor the Civil Censorship Study Group take any responsibility for descriptions supplied by the vendors.

2. The figure shown to the right of the lot description is the RESERVE PRICE, and bids of lower amounts will not be accepted

3. The Auctioneer will not be responsible for errors and omissions in carrying out bidders’ instructions.

4. Bidders should indicate any special posting requirements at the time of making their bids, other wise the Auctioneer will use his discretion. All postage and packing costs will be charged to bidders, and goods will be at the bidder’s risk from the time of posting.

5. All sales are final, however fair play and common sense will prevail, and the Auctioneer will use his discretion over matters in dispute.

6. Bids should be posted or e-mailed to the Auctioneer, but in any event to arrive no later than mid-day on the stated closing date.

7. The auctions will be conducted in UK POUNDS and all bids, reserves and payments will be in UK POUNDS unless the Auctioneer allows otherwise.

8. Bids will only be accepted from paid-up members of the Civil Censorship Study Group.

9. In the event of equal bids, the first to be received by the Auctioneers will prevail.

10. Bids must be made in UK POUNDS only at the following increments:

up to £9.50 in increments of 50p; £10 to £24 at increments of £1;

£25 up to £49 at increments of £2; £50 to £99 at increments of £3;

£100 and over at increments of £5.

Bids not conforming will be reduced to the next lower level.

The winning bid will be at the reserve or one increment above the second highest bid.

11. Commission is charged to vendors at 10% of the amounts realised. There is no buyer’s premium. Any lots subject to value added tax or other sales taxation will be clearly marked to that effect.

12. All invoices must be paid within seven days of receipt. Payment should be made in UK£ by cheque to the Hon Treasurer. Alternatively settlement may be made through PayPal, or payment may be made for the equivalent in Euros or US$. Details will be shown on the invoice.

13. The placing of bids will be interpreted as full agreement to the above conditions.

Vendors’ Instructions

Vendors within the European Community should send their lots to the Auctioneer with a description and the reserve expressed in UK POUNDS.

Intending vendors from outside the Europe Community should initially supply the Auctioneer with a list of items offered, with reserves in UK POUNDS. If they are accepted by the Auctioneer he will allocate lot numbers to the vendor’s list and the vendor will be advised. The vendor should then retain the lots until after the sale, when the sold lots are to be sent to either the US Secretary or the Auctioneer for distribution, depending on the location of the successful purchasers. This procedure is necessary to avoid the possibility of customs duties.


Peter Burrows - Auction Manager July 2009