Civil Censorship, a general survey by Dann Mayo

Civil Censorship, a general survey by Dann Mayo

Postby RobertJohnson » Sun Dec 22, 2013 2:41 pm

Below is my attempt to show the ins and outs of what we do. It is not meant to be the last word on the subject. I have already had heated collegial debate as to whether civilian mail censored by the military constitutes civil censorship or is military censorship. (For my purposes, clearly it is civil censorship. For my colleague's purposes, it is clearly military censorship.I do not expect that issue will be resolved to our mutual satisfaction.)

I do hope that the representations made here as to usage, scarcity, etc. are correct. If you find errors, please let me know. Comments will be most welcome by posting in this Forum or by direct e-mail.

Now that I have figured out how to get exhibits uploaded and organized, I encourage all of our members to take advantage of this service provided by the CCSG. At this time (May, 2014), we have ample space on the site. We do not give out awards but, at Zero in the currency of your choice, the "Frame Fees" are as low as you will find anywhere.

Dann Mayo

PS Robert put a magnifier ability on each page - click the magnifier to operate. If this does not work for you, please let me know and I'll ask our web designer how to fix it. DM

Table of Contents

Frame.Page Description
I.01 Title Page
I.02 Plan Page
I.03 Definitions and Distinctions -- Generally
I.04 Definitions and Distinctions -- Generally
I.05 Definitions and Distinctions -- Delegated Authority
I.06 Definitions and Distinctions -- Military Mail
I.07 Definitions and Distinctions -- POWs and Internees
I.08 Definitions and Distinctions -- Civilian Prisoners
I.09 Definitions and Distinctions -- Civilian Prisoners
I.10 Specialization: Press Censorship
I.11 Specialization: Press Censorship
I.12 Specialization: Travelers' Censorship
I.13 Specialization: Telegram Censorship
I.14 Specialization: Customs/Currency Control
I.15 Specialization: Sub-Covers
I.16 Specialization: Internal Censorship

II.01 Specialization: Internal Censorship
II.02 Specialization: Internal Censorship
II.03 Handstamps, Passed, &c.
II.04 Handstamps, Passed, &c.
II.05 Handstamps, Passed, &c.
II.06 Handstamps, Passed, &c.
II.07 Handstamps, Passed, &c.
II.08 Handstamps, Passed, &c.
II.09 Handstamps, Passed, &c.
II.10 Handstamps, Opened
II.11 Handstamps, Coded
II.12 Handstamps, Coded
II.13 Handstamps, Coded
II.14 Handstamps, Coded
II.15 Handstamps, Coded
II.16 Handstamps, Coded

III.01 Handstamps, Deleted
III.02 Handstamps, Not Opened/Examined
III.03 Handstamps, Held, Detained, &c.
III.04 Handstamps, Held, Detained, &c.
III.05 Handstamps, Released
III.06 Handstamps, Released
III.07 Handstamps, Return to Sender
III.08 Handstamps, Instructional
III.09 Handstamps, Instructional
III.10 Handstamps, Found Open/Damaged, &c.
III.11 Handstamps, Transfer to/from Other Agencies
III.12 Handstamps, Arrival and Release Datestamps
III.13 Machine Markings
III.14 Machine Markings
III.15 Resealing Tapes, Plain Paper
III.16 Resealing Tapes, Plain Paper

IV.01 Resealing Tapes, Plain Paper
IV.02 Resealing Tapes, Plain Paper
IV.03 Resealing Tapes, Handstamped Paper
IV.04 Resealing Tapes, Handstamped Paper
IV.05 Resealing Tapes, Mimeographed Paper
IV.06 Resealing Tapes, Typewritten Paper
IV.07 Resealing Tapes, Printed Paper
IV.08 Resealing Tapes, Printed Paper
IV.09 Resealing Tapes, Printed Paper
IV.10 Resealing Tapes, Printed Paper
IV.11 Resealing Tapes, Printed Paper
IV.12 Resealing Tapes, Printed Paper
IV.13 Resealing Tapes, Printed Paper
IV.14 Resealing Tapes, Printed Paper
IV.15 Resealing Tapes, Printed Paper
IV.16 Resealing Tapes, Printed Paper

V.01 Resealing Tapes, Printed Paper
V.02 Resealing Tapes, Cellophane
V.03 Non-Resealing Tapes
V.04 Non-Resealing Tapes
V.05 Non-Resealing Tapes
V.06 Non-Resealing Tapes
V.07 Wax Seals
V.08 Wax Seals
V.09 Wax Seals
V.10 Wax Seals
V.11 Wax Seals
V.12 Wax Seals
V.13 Wax Seals
V.14 Wax Seals
V.15 Wax Seals
V.16 Wax Seals

VI.01 Wax Seals
VI.02 Wax Seals
VI.03 Wax Seals
VI.04 Glue
VI.05 Staples
VI.06 Chemical Testing
VI.07 Enclosure Forms
VI.08 Enclosure Forms
VI.09 Enclosure Forms
VI.10 Enclosure Forms
VI.11 Enclosure Forms
VI.12 Enclosure Forms
VI.13 Enclosure Forms
VI.14 Enclosure Forms
VI.15 Enclosure Forms
VI.16 Enclosure Forms

VII.01 Manuscript
VII.02 Manuscript
VII.03 Manuscript
VII.04 Manuscript
VII.05 Modified Devices
VII.06 Modified Devices
VII.07 Modified Devices
VII.08 Provisionals
VII.09 Provisionals
VII.10 Provisionals
VII.11 Provisionals
VII.12 Provisionals
VII.13 Provisionals
VII.14 Provisionals
VII.15 Internal Communications
VII.16 Internal Communications

VIII.01 Internal Communications
VIII.02 Internal Communications
VIII.03 Internal Communications
VIII.04 Errors
VIII.05 Errors
VIII.06 Errors
VIII.07 Small Events Censorship
VIII.08 Small Events Censorship
VIII.09 Small Events Censorship
VIII.10 Small Events Censorship
VIII.11 Small Events Censorship
VIII.12 Small Events Censorship
VIII.13 Small Events Censorship
VIII.14 Small Events Censorship
VIII.15 Small Events Censorship
VIII.16 Small Events Censorship

IX.01 Small Events Censorship
IX.02 Small Events Censorship
IX.03 Small Events Censorship
IX.04 Small Events Censorship
IX.05 Small Events Censorship
IX.06 Small Events Censorship
IX.07 Small Events Censorship
IX.08 Small Events Censorship
IX.09 Small Events Censorship
IX.10 Small Events Censorship
IX.11 Small Events Censorship
IX.12 Small Events Censorship
IX.13 Small Events Censorship
IX.14 Small Events Censorship
IX.15 Small Events Censorship
IX.16 Small Events Censorship

X.01 Responses to Censorship, Permits and Licenses
X.02 Responses to Censorship, Permits and Licenses
X.03 Responses to Censorship, Permits and Licenses
X.04 Responses to Censorship, Permits and Licenses
X.05 Responses to Censorship, Permits and Licenses
X.06 Responses to Censorship, Permits and Licenses
X.07 Responses to Censorship, Permits and Licenses
X.08 Responses to Censorship, Fakes, Fantasies and the Highly Suspicious
X.09 Responses to Censorship, Fakes, Fantasies and the Highly Suspicious
X.10 Responses to Censorship, Fakes, Fantasies and the Highly Suspicious
X.11 Responses to Censorship, Fakes, Fantasies and the Highly Suspicious
X.12 Responses to Censorship, Post Office Notices
X.13 Responses to Censorship, Unofficial
X.14 Responses to Censorship, Unofficial
X.15 Responses to Censorship, Unofficial
X.16 Responses to Censorship, Unofficial

Note: The listing of scans below apparently cannot be hidden, nor can it be sorted. It has to remain in the more-or-less reverse order of posting. However, it can be ignored, as each scan has been linked to the related page in the table of contents, and can be viewed by clicking on the page description above.

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