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Publications available to purchase from the group. This page supersedes the Publications listing on the links tabs at the top of this page.

Publications List

Postby dannmayo » Mon Jan 18, 2016 2:23 pm

Graham has supplied an updated list of publications available from the group in printed format:*

British Empire Civil Censorship Devices WWII
Africa (2000)
United Kingdom (2011)
UK, Forms and Memoranda (2011)
Mediterranean & Middle East (2011)
British Asia (2011)
Australia, New Zealand & Pacific (2008) out of stock
British West Indies (2016)
Canada & Newfoundland (2019)
British Asia - Forged hand-stamps & labels

Civil Censorship in USA during WWII (1980)
Travelers’ Censorship in the USA during WWII (2011)
Imperial Censorship operations in Gambia 1942 (2014)
PoWs in British Hands during WWI (2007)
Imperial & Foreign Mails - Sea conveyance during war (1997) (Lost and damaged mails of WWI) with 2016 supp
British Censorship of civil mails during WWI (2000) with cumulative supplement 2014
Censorship of Mail in Ireland (2003)
Free French Censorship in Syria & Lebanon out of stock
Supplements 2, 3 & 4 to Russian Postal Censorship 1914-1918
[UK, WWII] Postal & Telegraph Censorship, Prefix list No.1
Civil Censorship Group Italy, Postal Manual, 1 Dec 1944
USAEF Civil Censorship Detachment, Postal Division, Standard Operating Procedure

Members with access to this site can view the complete price list including postage costs by clicking on this link:
book prices.Jun19.pdf
Non-members can contact for those details.

To order, please list the publication(s) you wish to purchase, and supply your mailing address, in an e-mail to . He will contact you via e-mail to confirm the full price including postage.

Payment can be made via paypal (a small surcharge will be added to cover paypal fees), UK pounds cheque or cash. Full payment details will follow with the postage confirmation.

In addition, the CCSG Bulletin index is available free to new members via the website, and back issues are available on request from Graham Mark.
* Note: All printed copies of the above are stocked in the UK, and postage abroad from there can be expensive. As an alternative, CCSG members (only) are offered the following titles as .pdf files on CDs at US$10 per title plus US$2 per CD to addresses in the US, US$4 per CD outside the US. (CDs can hold from 1 to 3 titles depending on the one(s) selected). Orders for these CDs should go to

United Kingdom - Morenweiser (2020)
UK, forms & memoranda - Morenweiser (2020)
British Africa - Little (2000)
British Mediterranean & Middle East - Morenweiser (2011)
British Asia - Morenweiser (2017)
British West Indies etc. - Burrows (2016)
Canada & Newfoundland - Burrows (2019)
Free French Censorship in Syria & Lebanon - Robertson (2011)

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